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Saturday, June 26, 2010

"But it seemed like such a good idea at the time, such a very very good idea at the time"

It's been awhile since the last post. Sorry about that, exams have been a little crazy. As well as everything else.

J took the week off work to study but ended up partying unsurprisingly. Surprisingly her exams were easy and she's fairly sure she's earned herself a semester of great marks. After sex with Justin turned out to be just plain bad J decided to dump him. Actually, she just decided to ignore all of his incoming calls, texts emails etc (technology really has allowed too many ways people can contact those that don't want to be contacted) since, in her opinion, there was no relationship and could therefore be no actual break-up. She's been clubbing with B and K alot since B isn't sitting her exams and K finished early. They arent exactly the most fun clubbing partners lately since all B does is whine how she needs a guy and hasn't had sex since she was with R and blah blah blah. K, though still insane, is more bitchy than fun and has been ignoring J constantly. J deals with their annoying attitudes by picking up some random guy and going home with him. Or to the local semi-private park. Or just remaining in the car whatever. B and K go home early. It's a mystery why they are still desperate to go out with J. Oh well, they're just another group of people to go partying with. And at least they understand that when J partys she partys hard. After seeing the shocked reactions on the faces of her Spanish class friends to her drinking and sleeping around attitude J decided she wouldn't be going clubbing with them anymore. She has enough problems, like the guy she thought was a one-night-stand who has been texting her at least once a day inviting her to movies/the snow/dinner etc. J tried the 'it's exams I'm studying' excuse but that's starting to wear a little thin with exams drawing to a close. The whole experience has left J wondering: whatever happened to casual sex?

A was MIA for several weeks, which you may remember if you read this blog on a regular basis. No one was quite sure where she was. One theory was that she'd locked herself up studying but that turned out to be untrue. In fact, A was 'shacking up' just not with Gaga. A's manager at work has always been a bit of a matchmaker and has been trying to set A up with one of her co-workers for ages. Though the pair of them are friends and get along well they had no interest of actually dating. For one thing, A doesn't date. And you don't sleep casually with people you work with because then you have to see them everyday and it becomes awkward. However, while joking around (they have always spent a lot of time pretending to be a couple just to amuse their manager and everyone else they work with) at another co-worker's birthday party they found themselves making out and realising that hey, they want to sleep with each other after all. It didn't help that they were both off the rails drunk. Still the next morning they woke up and went off to work together and surprisingly it was completely comfortable. A ended up in his bed that night as well. And so it went, until A had practically forgotton her friends for a week of non-stop sex. Of course as soon as she realised what she was doing A freaked out (total commitment-phobic she), took two weeks off work and returned to her usual life without responding to any attempts to contact her. Kinda bitchy, but typical A. Since then she's been on booze binges with everyone else and refuses to discuse work or Gaga.

H and Miss Priss are fighting more than ever due to H playing and practicing loud music to all hours of the morning. She's starting to look for a new place. Again. She also has a new job at a casino, though it has turned out to be less fun (and less safe) than working at a sex shop, ahem adult's store. Her first night a guy outside tried to mug her, desperate for gambling money. She also doesn't like any of the people she works with, especially not the creepy Indian guy who keeps hitting on despite her clearly staing she was uninterested several hundred times. She now spends most of her shift trying to stay away from him.

Every time she goes to volunteer L parks her car in the same spot. It's convenient and always seems to be available. Well, last time she went she returned to see someone had tucked a red rose under the windscreen wiper of her car. She was shocked while we all discussed who her secret admirer might be. Most of the people L volunteers with are a little strange. Perfectly nice, and some even good looking but all not quite normal. Of course no one is really normal (expecially not us) but one of the guys there collects old used mobile phones (apparently he has a whole room at home to show off his collection) and another has a weird skin condition which he refuses to see a doctor about because he thinks it looks cool. L was getting paranoid about going back but a committment is a committment and she had to return the next week. She'd almost forgotten about it when she was going back to her car to go home when she saw a really cute guy standing by her car. Apparently he works in the coffee shop next store and has been watching her for weeks. L wasn't sure whether to be happy or freaked out. She took the safe option and invited him out for drinks with J, H, P and E. Turns out the guy is very sweet, has an excellent sense of humour and likes awesome bands like Rage Against the Machine, The Strokes and The Ramones. So are he and L dating? L isn't sure she has time for a relationship, and it's a little soon to tell, but the important thing is she's having a little fun.

B has all but given up on university and refuses to sit her exams although she's planning to go back next semester and not transferring/deferring/dropping out like a normal person who hates their course. With R in New Zealand she has been becoming more and more obsessed with male attention. Rather than actually flirting though or doing anything vaguely productive B hangs out in the corner looking around and the room and announcing who she thinks is hot or not. J suggests she makes a move. B doesn't. It's getting more than a little irriating. B whines constantly about wanting sex/a relationship/men in general but isn't willing to do anything to go after she wants. Maybe she's hoping she'll get a secret admirer from a coffee shop. That sort of thing only happens to L. And besides B doesn't volunteer or have a job (or leave the house much really) so where is her mystery guy actually going to see her? Poor B, she really is lacking confidence lately.

All K does is work, although since she's paying all or her and B's rent, she probably has to. Still, the fab four hardly ever see K anymore. She hasn't been happy with H in a long time, and every time she sees A lately they get in a fight about something. To be fair K and A haven't really gotten along since A threatened end-of-the-train-line, K's ex. Even though it wasn't just A, for whatever reason (probably because she, along with H, are the most violent and threatening) K blamed her more than anyone else. She hangs out with J and L occasionally as well as her sister obviously. L saw a movie with her last week but it was quite awkward and K and J have been arguing because K doesn't believe J should have ditched Justin. Oh well. K is so busy with actual study and work she has no time to catch up. Considering that you'd think she'd be getting better marks and have more saved money than the fab four. Oddly, not so.