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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Monday, May 14, 2012

"He does dress better than I do, what would I bring to the relationship?"

Sometimes 'busy' can never accurately describe your life or mindset. Sometimes it gets to the point where you're two weeks into May and you literally can't remember the month starting...or indeed what the fuck happened to the end of April.

In between studying for her exams and rocking up at work like the good girl she isn't, J has turned groupies for the best sex she's ever had and been showing up at all their gigs. It's not really her style to chase guys but this guy is the hardest in hell to track down and will never chase because he's usually too drunk or drugged to even notice the time. J is now mates with his mates, including a Scottish dude in a kilt who is clearly in love with her and constantly texts her and attempts to hug her. Best sex she's ever had is still the best sex ever and they're still doing it in parks and alleys across town. This is despite his underage child bride girlfriend who thinks J is the sweetest girl ever and is going out with the Scottish guy. If only she knew...Yeah, apparently wannabe rockstars keep their girlfriends locked up at home so they can pick up groupies. Is J playing a dangerous game? Probably, but she always knows when it's time to take herself home. Usually after her drink has been spiked with MDMA.

M and E are talking again and are trying to resurrect their friendship. It's unclear if it's going to be successful but they don't want to throw away years of friendship over a few months of sex. E is now dating the blonde girl who was showing up in all his facebook photos. M doesn't really feel any gratification over the fact that her suspicions were right. M has been enjoying the single life by hooking up with random guys in bars, including some of A and L's uni friends and a guy J works with. She doesn't seem ready to embark on a full-on relationship...but that may be because she's still crushing on a guy from work.

Speaking of crushes...

A and L embarked on 3 weeks of law school competitions called moots (apparently it's some kind of mock trial thing...) and spent the entire time with basically no sleep and far too much coffee and stress. They were known to start screaming at people in the street and their friends and break our into hysterical laughter. They found themselves competing against the same team 3 times, including in the grand final, consisting of 2 very attractive and brilliant speaking guys and a cool girl they got blind drunk with after the final. A nearly got in a physical fight with one of the guys after she accused him of stealing her arguments, L flipped out at one of the judges who accused her voice of being too soft when the microphone had conked out just before she started speaking. And in the end, the two guys won. A and L were not pleased, though the other team was admittedly amazing on the night. Sometimes it's just not your time. The important thing was that there was copious drinks to be had afterward, resulting in trying to pay for a taxi with a public transport ticket. It makes it all worth it in the end. Even if they did get crushed.