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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"I knew you were trouble when you walked in"

M decided to make the spontaneous decision to move out of the place she was living in, as she was sick of living so far from the city and the bathroom kept flooding. Unfortunately the share house she was supposed to be moving into turned out to be dodgy and she realised that this spontaneous decision meant she had nowhere to live. For now, she's crashing on A's couch and trying to fund somewhere else to move. A's brother isn't too impressed but then he's hardly ever home since he's always staying at his new girlfriend's house. And that is something A is not impressed with. She thought she brought him up so well.

Meanwhile A got in a huge fight with L's new boyfriend and their friendship seems more unstable than it's been since the toxic twins were involved. A swears this wasn't even her fault. She was trying to be nice about the whole relationship thing since she knew she'd been a bitch when they first announced they hooked up and was actually making an effort. Then one of their mutual uni friends called L's boyfriend a dick because he called him defensive and aggressive and they got in an argument that looked like it was about to escalate into a fistfight. A dragged them away from each other and then told L she was taking their friend home. L's boyfriend was pissed off and started bitching about their (once?) mutual friend. A warned him not to because the other guy is one of her best mates but he would not shut up and then he started calling her a bad friend and A couldn't help herself. They nearly got into a fistfight until she was dragged away by another friend. Later everyone apologised to L, but everyone hates her boyfriend. That never ends well.

J has found a couple of hippie friends to smoke with at parks and has been seen perving at young skaters at skate parks. Um J...they are too young for you. That's okay, because she's sleeping with a new guy now. He's completely attractive but he's a bit of a twat. He keeps going on about how 'punk' he is when he isn't really punk at all. Don't real punks eat out of garbage bins? He still lives with his parents and has a physics degree. He's also a little bit strange and has started to suggest to J that they experiment with things like golden showers. J likes to think she's pretty open-minded, but she draws the line at piss and shit. He is also really into anal sex, which J doesn't mind but she does query that if he's that into it, maybe he should be sleeping with dudes...