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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Giving me the sweet talk, walking down the cat walk"

A is in Europe and she's supposed to be hanging out with socially retarded nerd types who are obsessed with international law. We don't really know what she's up to though, as her only communication has been an email to J stating 'I just fucked a guy like Napoleon Dynamite.' We seriously hope she's joking.

Meanwhile back home her brother and M are dealing with their awkward living situation. They never really knew each other outside of the fact that M is one of A's best friends, and that she got really drunk and photobombed all the pictures at both his 18th and 21st birthday. The fact that his girlfriend is always over makes it even more strange and M doesn't know much what to say.

J is still sleeping with the not so punk punk guy. He doesn't even go to local punk gigs and J's metal head rock chick A-replacement is not impressed. Plus there's the fact that he's into kinky sex and wanted to have sex with J on a public train. J doesn't mind occasional action in a quiet park, but there's a line she just won't cross and that's about it. Still, she's planned a night in a hotel room with him. Here's hoping there's no appearance of anal beads. Apparently they're a thing.

L and A haven't been speaking since A left for overseas. Not that they aren't speaking, just that they haven't spoken. Which is not so weird considering A has barely spoken to anyone and her facebook updates leave more questions that answers, except that L doesn't seem that bothered by it. Her boyfriend is about to start a full time traineeship soon. Maybe she'll have more spare time. Probably not.