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Monday, May 27, 2013

"Almost getting it kind of together"

All is going well for J, since A and her A-replacement rock chick get along like a house of fire. It's definitely a good thing when your 2 best friends get along. The only thing worrying J is that they won't have enough guys to go around. Except A had something of an epiphany while on her recent trip. It's not about how attractive they are, it's about how they make you feel. Apparently this was picked up while she was screwing the Napoleon-Dynamite-esque German who was 'definitely not her type'. She had so much fun with him, and it was so unexpected, and now she's become all smug about her sex life. Well, woohoo A.

Rock chick has been sleeping with a skater guy with a really big nose who she is embarrassed to be seen with and so is trying to keep it on the down low. It isn't really working, probably because he seems to be following her around and preventing her from hooking up with other guys. Yeah, we know how this is done. We saw it all before with J and Wow. Rock chick claims not to like him, then she spends all day in bed with him. This is not the way great romances begin. Or, for that matter, end.

J is still flirting ridiculous with Blondie. He still has his ridiculous girlfriend. And his friend is still ridiculously in love with rock chick. So it's all ridiculous. Great. For J, sex has basically become a memory.

M has had to move out of A's house now that she is back. She has moved back in with her dad and sister. Just temporarily because she has booked flights to Paris next month. One-way flights. No return. She has also stopped seeing her boyfriend with the hilarious name. E seems genuinely concerned about her mental state but M keeps saying she is fine. She does find living back home endlessly awkward, and still doesn't know how to react to her parents acting half like horny teenagers and half like adults who have no idea what the fuck is going on. Cringe-worthy. A is living with her brother, who is still going through bouts of misery. Not over his now ex-girlfriend or the bad case of worms he had but just generally. Like the rest of us, he is starting to realise he has no idea where in life he is going and it is freaking him out.

No one has heard much from L. She told A that they had to grab lunch and she wanted to hear about her trip and then bailed. She hasn't been at mutual friends' birthday parties. It seems she has become one of those girls that gets a boyfriend and vanishes. Or perhaps it's because no one likes her boyfriend and she can't take him anywhere.

At least G has her shit together. She just doesn't have any interesting stories.