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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"I wanna feel reckless, I wanna live it up just because" All Time Low-Weightless

The past weekend has been, as L and K would say, EPIC. The last weekend before uni gets back and everyones been pumping the midnight oil whatever that means.
A started the night on a date that wasn't really a date. She's recently been playing this game where she can only eat dinner if a guy buys it for her. It's an idea we got from Bridget Jones, although no one can remember whether it was the book or the movie. She convinced herself a guy she used to work with was asking her out when really he just wanted to help at a trivia night. Still she thought the fact that she thought it was a date was enough. Besides, it would be impolite not to eat with him and his friends.
Later that night A, B and K went concerting as K's favourite band were in town. The band was on the poppy side and B thought it was going to be a light night with no rough mosh pits but boy was she wrong. K managed to push herself to the very front, convincing people to move out of her way because she is short. Hmmmm. She was also screaming obscene comments at the band members. Fun times. Concerting is A's very favourite thing in the world and she is definetly a mosh pit girl. She's not one of those people who goes to a gig with perfect hair and make-up and leaves in pretty much the same way. No, she emerge sweaty and a total mess. She's been called an 'animal in the pit' which is pretty accurate. She goes to concerts with friends and ends up in a circle of wild guys, none of whom she know and usually can't spot a friend or another female. She pushes, she shoves, she screams and basically has a bloody awesome time. She's the sort of person who can rock out to a band she don't even know and think the very front row is overated because you can't really jump or push. Or crowd-surf. She's the sort of person who has to throw out my concerting clothes because they usually end up in shreds. And she doesn't even take drugs or drink at concerts. The music is enough. B was unhappily surprsied to get stuck in the mosh pit A started and had to move to the back 2 songs in. They hardly even saw each other throughout the concert but all had a good night. Well, A and K did. Not sure about B.
A drinks orange and vodka, J drinks tequila lime & soda, B drinks cranberry and vodka
A, J and B headed off to their local pub because Thursday is cheap spirits. Following that they went to one of those pubs that have live music and dancing. It was dead, probably because everybody else (like G) was frequenting uni o-week activities. Still they had an entertaining evening. B's pizza got dropped on the floor by bar staff and they had run out of pizza bases so they were entitled to free drinks but sadly no pizza. B has only just started smoking, so A and J sniggered when she tried to puff up (cough cough) in the beer garden. B stole a soap dispenser. J accused V of throwing gumnuts at her last time they saw each other, which was the previous Sunday night at the train station. He just laughed and proceeded to hook up with a chick 4 years his junior. A called him a pig. The night ended with slurpees at 7eleven and J leaving the soap dispenser behind. She then had to run back down the street to get it back. In the morning she discovered soap had leaked all over her bed. Whoops.
Tequila. Lots of tequila.
While A, H and G ate $4 pizza and went swimming, J, B, R and T were preparing for a big night out. They headed out clubbing into the city. J drank almost a whole bottle of tequila and was ready to roll. B wanted to piss off R so she insisted on spending most of the night smoking (or attempting to) as she knows he thinks its a filthy habit. Even though R is 5 years older than ex-girlfriend B he seems to have had many less life experiences. To piss off R even more, J informed R that both she and J has been smoking pot which was a lie. J talks a lot of bullshit when she's drunk, and often very convincingly. T was horrified but promised not to tell K because K hates drugs of any form and would scream at B and probably hit her if she thought B was smoking pot. Like she could talk anyway. Later in the night she threw up on R and had to go home. R had a miserable time, needless to say. J ended up sleeping with the guitarist in the band, convinced he was a member of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He kicked her out of his apartment as soon as the deed was done and she was left to fend for herself on the streets. B and R went home together although not together and B was pissed off because she'd vowed not to spend any 'alone time' with R since they broke up. Hard since B, K and R live together. Not that R pays rent. Cheapskate.
Predrinks were vodka cruisers, followed by red wine and champagne with dinner, white wine on the train and mixed drinks at the venue
It was L's birthday so everyone was in good form. A, J, K, B, L, H, M and N all got together to party the night away. The night began badly when A ate too musch chicken and coffee cream cake and fell ill. She was already sick (as usual) though so it wasn't too much of a worry. B introduced L and H to smoking as it's her new habit. L hated it and coughed up her guts, H is already a closet smoker so that wasn't a big deal. K got massively pissed off when she discovered B has been smoking and screamed at her and made a huge scene in the club. She continued her psycho-stalker-bitch form chasing everyone around if they were out of her eyesight for more than a minute. She attacked A and H at the bar, demanding to know where they had been. They'd been waiting at the bar. To distract her, M tried to hook K up with a cute guy, but K was too worked up by this point and the guy ended up with M. V turned out to be DJing and A was not happy, abusing the crap out of the music at all times. N spent most of the night whining that she wanted Maccas. B hooked up with a guy who looked exactly like V, and who everyone thought was V, until it turned out it wasn't. J got a call from the guitarist from the previous night and was pissed off, telling him he lied about being a member of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers! A, M and N went home early while the others blacked out the rest of the night from alcohol. The morning consisted of coffee cream cake and buckets of vomit.
Tequila for B, R and T. Rum for J.
J, B, R and T went out for dinner followed by a gig down near the beach. Continuing their form from Friday night, J and T were drinking heavily while B was trying to piss R off by smoking and flirting with other guys. She attempted to call the V-lookalike from the previous night but he didn't answer his phone. She ended up pissed off. So did R. T had to go home early after getting sick again although this time she didn't throw up on R which was an improvement. J hooked up with three different guys and can't remember their names. R told B he was thinking about moving out but she insisited he keep living with her. They all ended up walking home when they couldn't afford a taxi (except T who left earlier). What a DISASTER.