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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Please allow me to introduce myself" The Rolling Stones-Sympathy for the Devil

This really should have been the first post but here we are, a summary of the cast of characters that make up French Toast and Failure.


Opinionated, blunt and honest A is a somtimes geeky law student and at other time rebelious and stupid. Works hard but play harder, A is constantly sick from nights of binge-drinking and obsessed with gigs and music. Currently undertaking a dating game whereby she can only eat dinner if a guy buys it for her, and is starving to death beacause of it.

A's best friend, J is an addictive personality addicted to everything from smoking to sex. Works two jobs and is a sometimes student but manages to party harder than everyone she knows. Regularly competes in drink-offs or fuck-offs (pretty much how it sounds) and is into spontaneous adventures like getting a tattoo out of the blue or flying halfway accross the country. Never spends a weekend at home. Ever.

Otherwise known as psycho-stalker-bitch. Pretty much the most intense person ever who has absolutely no control over her temper or anything else. REALLY desperate around guys and chases after them with endless phone calls and text messages. Has been kicked out or refused entry to pretty much every club in the city. Dreams of being a cop because she's always on a power-trip. Needlessly violent. DO NOT mess with K.

K's twin sister is constantly looking for balance in her life. Needs to please everyone which means she ends up pleasing no one especially not herself. At times she's J's party buddy sidekick eager to have countless one-night-stands and at others she's quiet as a mouse in the corner trying to not to get involved in confrontation. Has no idea what she wants in life.

The bitchiest person this side of Regina George, H is rarely nice to anyone who pisses her off. Is clear on her hatred of K, though gets along very well with R. Goes through jobs and drugs and houses like everyone else goes through toilet paper, H is always on the move. She doesn't like habit or being preditable. Has been known to shave her head just because someone suggested she wouldn't.

H's best friend, L is the golden girl and a goody-two shoes. Who drinks and smokes. L disappears for weeks at a time during exams and christian holidays. Has a loving family and a perfect academic transcript. Oddly, cannot find a job. Will probably be the first to be married with children now that B and R are over.

B's ex-boyfriend from overseas who just dumped her but is still living in her house. Needless to stay, K has tried to kill him. Deceivingly nice, R is actually very selfish and an always troublemaker. He tries to pull B away from her friends and toys with her heart. Not to mention ripping her (and K) off. It is suspected both K and B are still in love with him.
Not always around but always amusing, no one is really sure who N is or what she does. She's a lightweight when it comes to alcohol and can usually be found throwing up in a cab. Surprises everyone sometimes, like the time she was caught making out with a stranger on the train.
Dancer and good friend of J's, M can be endlessly judgemental. J often hides her indiscretions from M, who always finds out later. Always the first home on a night out, M knows everyone because she went to about 10 different high schools. Has an odd array of friends who are usually more fun than her.
Always has the best drinking stories (well, other than A, J and B) and is frequently the last one on the dancefloor. Whip-smart and with a long-term boyfriend, G is often caught dirty dancing or pashing other girls and guys in cloak rooms. Knows everyone that M doesn't and always brings a few extra to any party. In a bitchfight with J.
Sexy, hot and completely up-himself, V is a fixture in the clubbing scene. Has had an on/off love/hate relationship with A since forever and has also been with J for two nights. Gets into regular fistfights and can hook up with pretty much any girl he chooses. Is convinced L is in love with him, even though she's hated him since they were 5.
V's sidekick and partner-in-crime. Hated by A and loved by L, he's probably lucky to still be alive. Usually seen standing next to V and laughing at his antics. Has no real personality of his own which is probably why he's such good friends with V.
Everyone has a gay friend who isn't really gay. C is that friend. He's into musical theatre and wears expensive clothes. Somehow manages to get all the girls even though everyone thinks he's gay at first. Odd.
J's friend until she slept with his best mate and their friendship went downhill. Thinks everyone is a drunk and is probably right. K is infactuated with him even though they haven't actually met. If they ever do there will be trouble.
P is actually gay and is fuck buddies with pretty much every other gay guy in town, although currently in a relationship. Can drink everyone but A and J under the table. Usually the three of them are still going at 6am. Hates S although pretends they are mates.
B and K's older sister, T knows all the cool places to be when sober and knows nothing when drunk. Likes to steal things. Has a lot of older friends but J has already slept with all the hot ones. Is the only person other than B who thinks B and R can work it out.
K's ex-boyfriend. Feel very, very sorry for him. He is the main victim (other than B) of K's abuse. Is too afraid to see K which is ruining his friendship with H, B and M.
J's would-be fuck buddy except be won't sleep with her from some unknown reason. Suspected he either can't get it up or is just plain inadequate in bed.
*Letters have been used to protect the identities of the not-so-innocent