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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Beer Bad"

Why is it that one can drink vodka all day and all night without a hangover, but down a couple of beers and you think your brain is leaking out of your ears come morning? You feel bloated and gross and even that McMuffin you ordered from Hungry Jack's isn't solving the problem. Ugh.

Unfortunately we have friends who only drink beer. Well that and cider because it's become the 'it' drink of the past year but does anyone actually like cider? It's like a bizzare mix of wine and beer. Tastes fruity but bloats you up and costs more than either beer or wine (ir you're cheap and buy the $2 bottle sort). So steer clear people.

A has been partying with her new work friends. She's sort of cut herself off from her old workmates, inluding Hottie, which is sad because they were the fun and alcoholic sort who were happy to rock up to work the next day wasted. Her new crew is amusing, but they still give her odd stares when she dances on tables and are committed to between 1 and 5 drinks a night while A is committed between 20 and 30. The problem is that they're all fashionistas and when you wear a thousand dollar outfit that sits just so and you can't move around that much in it, there's no chance of getting sweaty on a dancefloor. The outfit just wouldn't work otherwise. A has a whole wardrobe full of black dresses full of rips that she wears out and about and couldn't care less if they end up shredded or stained. Plus, there't the beer bloating.

J has been frequenting numerous concerts with her Druggie friend. Druggie is surprisingly sweet for someone who does every drug under the sun and has vicsious physical fights with her boyfriend when they're both on acid and they wind up in the hospital. Since H is out of the picture and A turns her nose up at drugs J has had to find someone else with whom to share her fun. She could probably choose sometimes-boyfriend Motley Crue but she's a bit worried about him. The rest of us may seem like alcoholics, but Motley makes us look like little girls. The concern started when J realised she'd never actually seen him sober and even when she rang him on weekdays he was usually downing a slab and smoking on the back porch. Wasted. Constantly. She went out to a gig with him one Saturday night and watched as he drank his way through 4o standard drinks, ignored her most of the night and passed out in her bed (no sex which was possible what pissed her off the most) not to wake up until the following eveing when she was getting home from work. Lucky her parents were out of town. He also had a court case one morning to which he rocked up late, hungover, suitless and pleaded not guilty; basically ignoring all of A's legal advice. He ended up with a massice fine and a suspended sentence. Not cool. So J's sticking with Druggie for now. After all, there are some concerts you just have to be high on pot for.