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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Hey! You! Get off of my cloud!"

Things have been quiet around here lately...

It feels like the end of the uni semester even though exams are still a couple of weeks away...damn all the mid-semester assessments coming in a rush and leaving us all feeling like the semester it well and truely over and it's time for us to party...when cramming time is really just around the corner. Time to stock up on energy drinks.

Last week was the...well I was going to say 'annual' but it's clearly more often that that, especially if you attend every uni's/faculty's... booze cruise which is always a fun night. A, J and L all on the same boat, along with a mixture of new and old uni friends? J and L had a nice little heart-to-heart, the kind they didn't think they'd ever have. In the drunken spirit they told each other how much they miss how close they are and blah blah blah. L was shocked to learn J has an actual boyfriend (being Motley Crue) especially when she informed J that she'd broken up with secret admirier because he 'took up too much time'. Even though these days L is unemployed and has basically no social life. J tried to warn L about the psychoticness that is K but L didn't appear to believe her. When she started to sober up J realised nothing will ever change between her and L. Fo whatever reason, L just doesn't trust her the way she used to. She's chosen K over J and A. A has already come to the conclusion that she and L will never be the close friends they were but now she is at elast able to be a uni buddy of hers and talk civilly about their weekends in class.

After the emotionally heavy comversation J took it as an opportunity to get really, really drunk. She made use of the open bar and got to the point she'd had to much to drink she was swaying and couldn't walk and was throwing up over the edge of the boat. Luckily the river's disgusting anyway. Who should she spot while in this hideous drunken stuper? Her ernstwhile lover Justin of course. Apparently refreshed from a recent trip overseas and holding hands with a gorgeous blonde who was somehow even taller than J. J never expected to be jealous of Justin, whose company she didn't even enjoy when they were together. And she probably wouldn't have been if it wasn't for her booze-fuelled rage. As it was she grabbed A and started mumbling uncoherantly, 'does she known he's bad in bed?' 'I should probably go tell her he can't get it up right?'. The uni friends weren't amused. A was concerned J was going to make a fool of herself. Somehow J managed to escape from A's watchful eye and had a little chat with Justin. No one knows what was said. A did manage to corner Justin later in the night to try and undo some of the damage. Unfortunately Justin seemed more interested in interrogating A. 'You and Gaga had good sex right?' Um...what the fuck? A was suddenly wishing it was Gaga, Justin's friend A slept with a few times, who was on the boat and not Justin. At least Gaga was funny and didn't make awkward jokes. At least...Justin was joking right? Perhaps not. He then told A he wanted to have sex with Gaga. Enter extreme awkward. A decided when J woke up she wouldn't give a shit what Justin thought of her and she got out of there quick smart.

By the time they got off the boat, L had barely had anything to drink, J was covered in vomit and A had made out with one of the guys from her advanced calculus class.

Is it really any wonder J just hung out with Motley for the rest of the weekend and A spent all her time at the footy with her brother?