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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Monday, November 21, 2011

"All my life I wanted to be somebody and here I am"

Samantha Jones was right. The weekend is for meeting new guys. What was I thinking?

J usually spends her weekends on the prowl for someone new, although lately Wow has been making it a bit difficult for her by refusing to let her talk to other guys and making her hit on everything that moves come Thursday nights in pubs. Then last weekend she was supposed to hang out with her earnstwhile boyfriend Motely Crue who sha has been on/off sleeping with for the last month or so. Officially he's dating some chick from the suburbs but J doesn't care. He's got good fingers. However Motley decided to stand her up. No call to say he'd be late or not coming. No text. He just didn't show up. It's something he's done before, being an unreliable drunk/stoner but usually he sends J a bailing text. She was not pleased by his behaviour. She was pissed off and met up with Druggie out at a club but Druggie was already wasted and J was too pissed off to have a good time so she ended up coming home angrier and alone. What a waste of a Saturday night.

So he yells at me for one stupid 2am dinner date when he's screwing girls in club toilets!

A and G went out for drinks together, along with L, since they hadn't done any outside socialising since they moved in together. G was smashed and chatting to the bartender about her chest tattoo and said bartender thought she was hitting on her which lead to G awkwardly admitting she was straight and also in a relationship where she doesn't cheat. L was sick after one too many beers and A was chatting up all the smokers in the search for a free pack of cigarettes. She got hungry, as usual and went on a 2am curry run with a guy with a tongue piercing and they ended up making out in restaurants all over the city. V found out and pulled his jealous pathetic ranting. Never mind he is sleeping with half the club skanks in this city, and most of its public enough that everyone knows. A is now officially referring to V as 'just another notch on my bedpost' in order to piss him off. Well, that and it's the truth.

I will never be one of those girls who ditches it all for a boy, can't he just get over himself?

Much to E's disapproval, M headed off on a weekend beach road trip with a few of her geeky tech wizz friends. E was pretty unhappy about it because he wanted her to hang out with him all weekend. To which M pointed out he'd probably just be playing computer games and ignoring her anyway. He got in a funk. M didn't care and went skydiving and surfing with her friends. Photos emerged of her throwing up on the beach after a few too many drinking games and E lost his shit and started yellinga t her and accusing her of cheating. Um, when did he get so jealous and possessive? Maybe there's a reason all his prior girlfriends have been such freaks. Can't he just get it together?