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Monday, November 28, 2011

"Now who the hell are you, to act the way you do?"

L finally managed to catch up with the mysterious H for the first time in months even though they are still supposedly best friends. B and K managed to crash the dinner even though L was not responsible for inviting them. She wanted to see H and not the toxic twins but apparently they're all a package deal. Whoever thought that day would come? Who would ever expect H to remain friends with B and K and not A and J? But that's that now.

L couldn't believe how much H has changed. It has been a few months where their only contact has been a few blah text messages but it's hard for L to face the fact that her best friends is absolutely nothing like the person she was a year ago.

H has moved out to the suburbs with her boyfriend secret admirer. H was not the sort of person who could ever live in the suburbs (she, like all of us, was a city girl through and through. however we could explain away K and B and perhaps L moving to the 'burbs) and she was certainly not the sort of person who would ever sign a 2-year lease. H used to move house about once every 6 months and never lived with friends. She used to make new friends by moving house and always had entertaining housemates like the anal Miss Priss and a few potheads who never left their rooms. H liked change. Now she's about a stonethrow away from getting married and popping out a few kids suburban style. H used to have a fear of committment to rival A's and hated kids (and the concept of marriage) with a passion. She liked change. Clearly, not anymore.

She also told L she was now working as a forklift driver. Although it supposedly pays well it's such a typical suburban job. Not to mention L can't picture her on a contruction sight surrounded by old fat dudes. Sex shops of bartending, those jobs suited H. She's changed completely though. L can't believe that's what H wants to do since she now apparently has no other ambitions. Gone are her band days, now she doesn't even listen to music or go to gigs.

The last straw was when H refused a glass of wine with her dinner. Apparently she doesn't drink anymore. Disapproval showed all over her now conservative face (no punk make-up or hair for H now) when L didn'y cancel her wine. It's not like L to be on the receiving end of such a look and it made her feel terrible.

L feels like she doesn't know H anymore. How can she, when her best friend is burried inside a shell of her former self? Everything L ever loved about her is gone and replaced by a watered-down, cookie-cutter suburban almost-wife.