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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"And some of us are having a really bad hair day"

V has an up-and-coming DJ set at one of the big music festivals in town. It's not a headline spot, but it's after dark and it's pretty damn good. Suddenly, he's become the kind of guy that's cool to know. Okay, so perhaps it is not 'suddenly'. Around the time he got his 3000th facebook friend it occurred to us he was probably the most 'famous' person we went to school with. Except for this chick that became a model and is now in all our magazines and on TV. She dropped out in about year 8 though, so that doesn't really count. And there was this girl whose father is now an AFL coach. But she's never done anything. So it's basically V.

This news does not make A happy. She and V have had an on/off relationship since forever, though it's been more off lately and she hasn't seen him since returning from Thailand 2 months ago. She called him over Easter to 'catch-up' because it's been awhile and chocolate just wasn't doing it for her and well, V might be a wanker but he's good in bed. But when V bailed on her because he had something (or more likely someone) better to do, A was not impressed. You shouldn't let fame go to your head and forget your old friends...right? After all it wasn't all that long ago that A introduced V to her grandma. And now it's going to seriously bother A every time her nana asks how V is going and tut-tuts when A says she doesn't know and her gran will make a comment about how V looks like he's unselfish in the sack. Which is the only place he's not selfish, but that isn't really the point. It's not a conversation to have with your grandma...right?

J was super excited to have an 'in' and possibly score some free festival tickets but that doesn't seem to be on the cards anymore. Perhaps J will have to friend up with V. Hey, it wouldn't be the first time. They did have a brief hour or so fling back in the day...

M spent an extremely awkward first date with the guy she accidentally kissed from work. Unfortunately he seemed really into her and has already asked her out again. M longs for the days when things were simple and she and E knew they liked each other. She was tempted to call him, but called J instead and they went out and got out of control on the wine and caught C making out with some random dude. He claimed it was for a dare but it really just adds fuel to the How is he not gay? fire.

L had lunch with H and the toxic twins (B and K) and felt that the only thing she was comfortable talking about (and didn't earn her a disapproving glare) was her religious Easter weekend. Once upon a time H would have laughed and tried to shove a Big Mac in her face. These days H nods as if she perfectly understands L's desire to go to church and paint eggs. This doesn't make L feel as good as she thought it would.