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Monday, July 2, 2012

"If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question?"

E is back and M is trying to be his friend again. Friends only. They can't pretend their relationship didn't happen, but they can't just go back into it either. M felt out of place at his return party. She wasn't sure what to say or what her role was. She's more than just an ex-girlfriend isn't she? M's awkwardness resulted in a passionate pash with a random guy on the dancefloor and making sure E copped a full view. She felt like an idiot afterwards though, and E ignored the whole thing because he had no idea what to say. The next day M rang him and asked if he wanted to go to lunch. E said sure and he'd give A and J a call. M was crushed. She thought it would just be the 2 of them. But it probably won't be ever again. M has no idea what to do about it. She can't seem to move on, but maybe she just needs more time.

Meanwhile J, of course, is finding love in all the wrong places. Or right, depending on what your definition of love is. That would be cloak rooms, always a good place for sneaky sex, and public toilets. The women's loo at J's favourite rock club now has a sign saying 'absolutely no men allowed for any reason'. We wonder whose fault that sign is...

L is starting to realise she just may be as commitment-phobic as dear A. Despite her short lived (perhaps along with) romance with secret admirer (which ended because she just couldn't handle the relationship) she's never been very good at keeping men in her life. Now L has a new interest, a boy she met through uni friends who happens to be an amazing kisser and plans fun dates. He also lives about 500km away. L likes him, but she's pretty sure one of the things she likes most about him is that he will never turn up unannounced at her front door. Then again, in the suburb L lives in, you bring a shotgun to the door if you're not expecting anyone.