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Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Love in an elevator"

You know what's hilarious? Random super drunk conversations about sex with people (usually guys for some reason) you've just met...usually through other friends.

"You know when you're having a threesome and sometimes one of the guys just gets in the way? It's just best to have sex with them separately." (J)

"I once knew this girl who could almost come just from having her inner thighs touched."
"Yeah, pretty much sure an 'almost orgasm' is no orgasm at all. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'd be damn pissed off if a guy 'almost' made me come." (A)

"People that don't reciprocate oral sex are the lowest of the low."
"Except for guys that shove it up your arse without asking permission." (M)
"Uh...yeah, except for that."

"Don't you hate it when a guy is thrusting really hard and just accidentally puts it in your arse?"
"Okay so I'm not having sex tonight."  (L)

"You haven't had sex until you've fucked to Motley Crue." (J)

"Masturbating is totally underrated. I mean, at least you're guaranteed a good time." (A)

"We were fucking and then I found out he liked Nickleback. So I had to get up and leave." (J)
"He didn't yell out 'Chad Kroeger' when he came did he? That happened to me once."
"That is actually my worst nightmare."

"Once, I was so drunk I didn't even realise I still had my underwear on." (J)

"Threesomes are so much better with two girls. I mean, one of the guys always freaks out and has an 'am i gay?' moment." (Druggie)

"You absolutely have to have sex on the roof of a car. It's so liberating." (C)

"I'm getting a mirror put into one of my walls. I like watching it go in from more than one angle." (P)