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Monday, August 27, 2012

"My ony interests are drinking wine and judging people"

This blog (not mine, obviously) is for anyone who's ever found living in Melbourne subtly or overtly hilarious, or who just wants to know more about it.

But for now, Melbourne is not the place making us laugh so hard we cry.

A has returned from her mysterious trip to Bali with V, and surprise surprise doesn't want to talk about it at all. But then, maybe she doesn't have time. A's life has taken a turn for the frantic and she really couldn't afford that week off. A hasn't been as fun since she's so busy planning for the future and all of her days seem filled with job interviews and reading old stuffy books and drinking nothing stronger than tea. What has happened to the real A?

L is also super busy with uni and work and shit like that. But after a crazy holidays filled with too much wine and a few 6am cab rides home from hotels (those dudes are judgmental! L was just hanging out with new-found friends) it's time for her to go back to being a good girl anyway. She was supposed to catch up with B and K who are home again, but they keep bailing on her. And then the next day pictures pop up of them on facebook having a smashing time...without her of course.

Meanwhile M is back to being good friends with E and they try to ignore the fact that they were once having really good sex. They're both currently single, but they went through too much shit when E was overseas to just get back together. M may also be slightly relationship-scarred from the quickie divorce of her parents. Her mum may be quick to jump into a relationship but M is more like her dad. She's cautious and doesn't want to get hurt again. She's also trying to remain open minded about her mum's new partner but the more time she spends with him the less she likes him. She feels he's trying too hard to be her dad. She's old enough that she doesn't need a new father, but she gets that her mum feels like she needs something. She can't respect her mum for her decisions, but she wants everyone to be happy. Christmas at their house sure is going to be awkward this year. M's little sister has hardly spoken to their mother since she moved out.

J is her usual party animal self although she is no longer hanging out with best-sex-she's-ever-had or his band anymore which she's rather disappointed about. Best-sex broke up with his (possible pregnant, but probably not) girlfriend for a month and spent most of it sleeping with J and anyone else he could find. But then they decided to get back together and act all coupley and J felt awkward about the whole thing so she decided to stop hanging out with them. She was only in it for the sex (and maybe the pain) anyway, and after best-sex asked her if she like liked him she did freak out a little because what business did he have asking her questions like that? Now she's hanging out with a different band. She slept with one of the guys months ago but doesn't really like him. No, she's in to one of his other mates who is a bit of a jerk and never calls her back. But the first guy seems a bit in love with her and keeps asking her to hang out during the day. Uh, no. J also hasn't seen Druggie in forever and is rather concerned about her. A has seen her a couple of times as they work close to each other and Druggie keeps saying she can't hang out with anyone at the moment because she needs to spend all her time with her boyfriend. Obviously he's back to being over-the-top and possessive.

G is starting to talk seriously about breaking up with her boyfriend who she has been with forever. Like, since high school forever. Like, this entire blog forever. He wasn't very supportive after her car accident (he was away at the time but returned home shortly after) and she found she didn't miss him very much while she was overseas. This is G's last semester of university and she has several job offers for next year (did I ever mention G was wicked smart?) including some interstate. One is an amazing opportunity and she is thinking about taking it. Her boyfriend doesn't want her to and G thinks maybe she should break up with him and just go for it. But at the same time it has been a long time since G was single and she dreads the thought of being alone. Other than A all of her friends are in relationships and she finds the whole concept of being single quite foreign. But she isn't sure if the relationship she's in is making her as happy as it once did.