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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"The busy have no time for tears"

Sorry for the lack of posting of late. We've all been frantic putting together internship applications, filling up our CVs with extra-curricular activities and volunteer work, going to the footy, drinking, making an arse out of ourselves at national competitions and working our usually shitty jobs. One day I will have time for a proper post but for now...

J: has found herself a new group of punk-rocker friends and has been smoking and having ridiculous orgies with said band dudes. Occasionally one of them makes some statement she just doesn't understand (usually assuming that because she's a girl she must be obsessed with cuddles and relationships) but she chooses to ignore that and keep smoking. It's second semester of uni and that's never been a good sign for J. The dead bodies are piling up in one of her classes (so they can cut it open, it's a medical elective) and all her friends are deferring.

A: has been in a funk since she couldn't find the cute English boy she fell in love with for a night. Decided to distract herself by entering a ridiculous number of mooting competitions so she can crush annoying law students and forget about the shitty things that are happening in her life. She's also started an affair with one of her opponents, but it's not love. It's just sex. She's also been caught still hanging out with V, but what else is new?

G: returned from her trip overseas, where she only bumped into C once. Admitted that she is thinking about breaking up with her boyfriend which will never happen because they are the most solid couple ever. We hope.

M: is trying to do the 'just friends' thing with E. It's even sort of working. She's also been dealing with her new post-separation parents. Her dad is depressed and M has no idea what she's supposed to say to him. Her mum has shacked up with her new boyfriend who keeps trying to win M over by inviting her and her sister on boating trips. Some of them even sound kind of fun. M doesn't want a new father though and she really doesn't respect her mum dating so soon.

L: managed to get the dream job working at the footy, except now people keep throwing up all over her and that is not a good thing. She's starting to think maybe football isn't so fun now that it's work. Has also been up to her ears in competitions and needed to blow off some steam- she was found leaving a random hotel room early one morning and hightailing it home in a taxi. She didn't accept the guy's facebook friend request. That girl is starting to behave like A.

B and K are also back from overseas and have started harassing L to hang out again. J still hasn't heard from then since her disastrous night out with B. Oh, well.