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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

"I don't want to be a bitch, but you guys are really boring"

Druggie's broken up with her boyfriend, moved out of their house and won't return J's phone calls. Rumour has it she's moved back to the country town where she grew up until she can get a new place. No word on the old flame she was swapping romantic messages with pre break-up. Druggie always was a relationship girl.

M is still seeing E as 'just friends' and accepting dates from whoever asks her, even if they aren't particularly appropriate like her new neighbour that doesn't wear shoes. She misses being with E but not enough to admit that to him.

J is trying to dodge 'the one'. He lost his phone and she was relieved because she figured that meant he'd stop messaging her with bizzare texts or calling her late and night when she was busy with someone else. Sadly, not the case. He must have got her number from someone else. Can't they just be friends? She doesn't need the stalker, clingy attitude.

L has a new job at an Italian mafia law firm. She's trying to avoid the guy who looks like a character from The Godfather. Damn creepy.

A's been seeing a guy who has a house full or mirrors ('seeing' in the vaguest sense of the word) and trying to convince her little brother that he does not need a girlfriend just because all his mates do. After all, as he is the only single one when they go out he gets all the attention. Why would you give that up for tapas dates?