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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"It's not you, it's me"

What sucks: the way this generation is expected to be educated and experienced before entering the workforce, and if you didn't graduate in the top 1% of your class and your dad isn't the best mate of so-and-so you can still expect to be working unpaid volunteer/intern work for the first year or more of your career. This is living the dream? Maybe a career waitressing or in retail is not that bad.

E is back to unpaid volunteer work after the company he was working for as a graphic designer went bust and still tends bar by night. A has been slaving away all summer without a hope in hell of getting a job upon graduation. J is busy studying for a supplementary exam that could get her kicked out of university. M has no idea what she's doing with her life. At least things are working out for G and L, at least on the professional front. It's just all crap really.

A continues her fling with the autistic guy but he is starting to bother her be completely ignoring social norms. He is also apparently into kinky sex and wants to get her off while her body is covered in pegs. A is not against blindfolds or being tied up, but pegs is a little weird...and it doesn't turn her on. So that's likely to go down the drain. She's also trying to adjust living with her brother after living with G for so long. Sometimes she feels like her mother when she nags at him to wash the dishes or clean his clothes off the floor. And she is not old enough to be feeling like her mother. Then there's the dodgy van that has been parked outside their place since the day after her brother moved in. Odd.

J bumped into 'the one' and his ex-now-back-on-girlfriend while out last week. They were acting all coupley so J said hi and then went to make some new friends. Later in the night she started chatting to the girlfriend while having a cigarette and she told J that although they'd had a few difficulties she and 'the one' had never actually broken up. She seemed a bit pissed off that J didn't seem to know that. J was a bit pissed off that 'the one' had basically lied to her and tried to get sympathy off her, as well as get into her pants. The later she's used to. She confronted 'the one' about it who assured her they had actually broken up but had decided to get back together. J wasn't sure what to believe but she figured it was 'the one' who was her friend. She started hanging out with him, but the girlfriend cracked the shits and started yelling and made a huge scene. 'the one' looked embarrassed. J just felt sick of the whole thing. Apparently them being friends is impossible. His girlfriend called J a slut and told her to stop chasing after 'the one' to which J responded she has no interest in fucking 'the one' EVER and then he got pissed off which only made the girlfriend more pissed off...J got home the next night to discover her and A had been deleted off facebook. She was hoping they could stay friends but that's that.

M has been spending a lot of time with one of the guy she went out on a date with. He has the funniest name ever, but sadly it can't be printed here. Use your imagination. Apparently they've already had sex in every room of M's house. She seems pretty impressed with it all which is nice to see. E even seems happy for her although M isn't exactly calling him her boyfriend yet. Maybe she needs more of the casual things in life rather than being hyper-committed all the time.

L is getting weirder and weirder about her relationship, trying to hide details and lying about where she has been (or who she has been with) even when it's obvious or she's been tagged on facebook. She admitted it's because her boyfriend wants to keep the relationship private. Um...when you hook up with one of your friends you don't get to have a private relationship. Everybody has an invested interest, everybody wants to know what's going on and how it's going to turn out. If you want a private relationship, go hook up with someone halfway across town none of your mates know. Hook up with a member of the friendship group, and it's everyone's business. A point M tried to make clear to L, as she did the whole friend thing with E. But L just won't listen. Now that she's the one in a relationship she's become quite smug about the whole boy/girl thing. It's not a good look on her.

At least we all got to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers at Big Day Out. Kicking arse Flea.