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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Live and let live"

Now that M finally feels as though she has made peace with her E past, she can move on. She has a new plan to say yes to every date offered, even with people she thinks she doesn't like, because it's ridiculous to play into the idea that you have a type and you never know who your next boyfriend is going to be. Already she's been out with 2 guys, one an old friend who she bumped into after a few years and one guy she met at a first aid course for work. Both were attractive but not her usual type. They were both nice, funny and smart. M is starting to think it has been way too long since she had any male action. Maybe it's time she played the field a bit.

For J, the 'the one' drama continues. Her and A went to the opening of a new club, only to see 'the one' and his supposed ex-girlfriend hanging out together and looking suspiciously couple like. J found a mutual friend to question who told her they were back together. A quick check of 'the one''s facebook confirmed this, although it still sounds complicated and from other people's comments not everyone supports their relationship. J does. As far as she's concerned she's back off the hook. They hung out as friends a bit that night and 'the one' didn't seem weird at all. Maybe he has decided he really does love his girlfriend.