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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Monday, February 25, 2013

"This is a bad town, for such a pretty face"

Leaving A in the library, J dressed up in her sluttiest black dress to hit the rock clubs this weekend. Her new rock chick friend came along, wearing tall black boots and with a whole box of condoms stashed in her bag. Non latex. Because you never known when you might get a guy with an allergy and it's best to be prepared. Oh yeah, and did you know most lubes contained sugar? It's news apparently.

J's night was not going well when the bouncer who is normally friendly decided to full on check her ID and things went downhill from there. Her new friend was desperate for a root and attached herself to the first guy with a ponytail she saw. J spotted 'the one', alone and allegedly single again, and had to avoid him for the rest of the evening. Motley Crue then showed up with his new midget suburban girlfriend. He was also sporting a mullet and a wifebeater singlet. Hot. Even hotter than when he was rocking a pedo mustache and a shaved head. Some guys do not get fashion. J is glad she was with him when he was cool and his style was a shaggy haircut and nose piercing.

J eventually found a dude to hook up with, except he was stoned and on the search for pills most of the night and J was not interested. She called Druggie and begged her to come out, but she was too busy having kinky sex with her boyfriend in his parent's bed. Ew.

J decided to go home early. Unfortunately she ended up with a dodgy taxi driver who insisted on telling her his life story and demanded her phone number before she got out of the car. J isn't usually one for taxi drivers that do weird shit and she started yelling and opened the door on a main road, jumping out a red light and running off. At least it was a cheap trip home...