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Monday, January 31, 2011

"Du hast mich"

Melbourne is finally heating up. It's taken several months to get to acceptable beach/pool weather, but it's finally here. We're all enjoying a cocktail or two (or 10) with the duty free and mega cheap alcohol brought back to Australia by A on a trip to Vietnam and J on a seperate trip to Thailand and Singapore. Asiain holidays are fun, except for delays at airports. What is there to say? You get what you pay more.

J has taken up yoga classes with B, K and K's friend from work who's a total gym junkie. K has become addicted and obsessed with the gym in recent weeks. While A and J were overseas she was going at least once a day, sometimes twice. She now knows their entire staff by name. B has been going fairly often as well in her attempts to follow K around, but she can't quite commit to every day. J enjoyed the yogs workout. She has been running or swimming almost daily for years now but was happy to get different muscles working and felt like the class had done her really well. Unfortunately K seemed to be expecting a massive cardio workout. She wasn't impressed and started bagging out the class and the instructor. Fair enough, except that she did it in front of the instructor. Now J doesn't really want to go back, especially not with K who has been talking about how bad the class was ever since and how much better she fells after half an hour on various weight machines or biking or treadmilling. Maybe she should have tried Bikram yoga? Maybe J should have recruited M as a work-out buddy?

K has been desperately looking for a new job since she quit her waitressing position. Let's stress right now that when K quits something, she really quits something. In style. When quitting sahe cracked the shits, told all the chefs to go fuck themselves, threw food on the floor in front of customers and stormed out in the middle of a shift. Struggling to get a new job though K had to go crying back and beg for her old job back. Now everyone hates her and it's even worse than before but K has to pay for her gym membership somehow.

Yesterday was that day of the year. the Big Day Out. It was steaming hot (and everyone knows the mosh pit adds 10-20 degrees) and the line-up ran towards rock and crazed pits. A and J headed off together just the two of them because they fiigured no one else could handle it. Maybe that's because the pair decided to do seven hours straight heavy moshing without food, water or toilet breaks. Hard fucks. The day was as insane as always when A and J go concerting. Feirce fights, many a 'lost' backpack and hat, blood, sweat, tears and a few people getting carted away to the hospital. They ran into a friend of J's from work (though they couldn't keep up and didn't last long) who commented that A and J were 'wild' in the pit and that A was 'fucking scary, especially from a girl so small'. Just what A wants to hear before she dives into a bunch of older, scary-as-shit looking metalheads and rips their hair out from the roots. J nearly passed out on their way home which lead to an emergency stop at maccas for food and water. With stolen money, because nothing survived A and J's day that they brought along with them.