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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"I got a molotov cocktail with a match to go. I smoke my cigarette with style."

A new year, a new lot of problems.

K has managed to develop glandular fever in the few days since 2011 rolled around, thus forcing her to postpone her trip up to Sydney. She's also managed to get herself involved in a fight with J. K, B and J were supposed to all go out to a local club one night but both B and J were working so they said they'd meet up with K later. K got there early and the place was 10 times as packed as usual, with a line spiraling around a corner. B and J did not want to have to wait. K claimed she'd get them in and she did- sort of. She got B in, while J was keeping the spot in the line jsut in case things didn't work out. Which, with K, they usually don't. K probably has the innate ability to talk her way into anything, but coupled with her crazy it usually ends up pissing people off instead of convincing them. Anyway no one told J what was going on, so she was stuck waiting outside while B and K got themselves some drinks. Phone calls went unanswered and J was not happy at all about being ditched. She sent K a text saying she was annoyed that they'd hardly seen each other lately and she didn't appreciate that kind of treatment. K called her selfish. Two days later K called her and left a voicemail saying 'you complain we never hang out but you haven's spoken to me since the other night' to which J responded 'I'm pissed off at you!" Since then J doesn't seem as angry at K, possibly because she thinks the glandular fever is perfect karma, but she's not speaking to B either. J's also been on another date with science geek which didn't seem to go anywhere, although that could possibly be because it was a day date. J is trying to keep her distance while still hanging out with him. The last thing J needs is another guy who thinks they are in a relationship like Justin did.

A is still non-sexual and enjoying the single life. She's back to being just friends with Hottie, they don't mention their one-time hook-up or the fact that he's engaged and everything's just like it was before. Except that they are both desperately looking for new jobs. And both claim it's because of the shithouse company and not their newfound awkwardness...yeah right! She's still drinking alcoholic amounts of..um...alcohol, but then aren't we all. Her and J have been doing plenty of clubbing lately and the other night were joined by a random girl neither of them had met before. They amused themselves dancing with her to Prisoner of Society (the living end) and then she wandered off to hook up with some other guy. He's friend approached A to hit on her opening with the line 'hey my friend just hooked up with your friend...' to which A and J burst and laughing and said that they'd never met the girl before and didn't even know her name. A was then hit on by the DJ who she naturally turned down because after V she's through woith DJs forever. And she's off men. Although it's amazing how much male attention you seem to get when you don't actually want any.

K has confessed to being slightly concerned about the amount of alcohol and cigarettes we all seem to be going through. But who cares? January is holiday month and we're all planning on stocking up duty free at the airport.