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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Monday, January 3, 2011



So, New Year's Eve. Where to begin?

K had to work NYE this year, which meant no drinking and no partying for her. She didn't mind so much though because since quitting her job as a waitress she's had pretty much no money and was desperate for the cash. Plus, she didn't really have any money to actually spend on NYE. In the end, she had quite an enjoyable time. Making announcements and just generally being a bossy boots are things K is great at. Plus it's the second year in a row she hasn't been drinking on the biggest drinking holiday of the year after last year she was taking about a thousand different antibiotics and struggled to get out of bed. All in all, K was pretty pleased how things worked out. It was more fun than waitressing and she was earning twice as much per hour as she would have there. Now if she could only find a more permanent job. Not waitressing though, she's sick of up-themselves chefs and working with other bitches.

Since the weather was the nicest it has been...well, since last February actually, B headed down to the beach with T and a few family friends. They spent the day at the beach and riding carnival rides and the night downing jaga and making drunk sand angels. They managed to bump into C, who was also partying at the beach with several of his friends. At first it was slightly awkward because B doesn't really know C that well but alcohol makes everyone your best friend. C was setting off more than a few of his own fireworks, which B and T were more than happy to join in on. Luckily no one blew anyone's fingers off. C managed to cut himself on a glass bottle, and since there was no band-aids bandaged it up with a vodka cruiser label. Classy. One of T's friends smashed her iphone but T can't remember who exactly it was, and naturally the next morning everyone was denying it. B suspects it may have been T herself who dropped it, but she'd never tell her big sister that.

A, J and M headed off to one of the 3-day music festivals with a few other random friends. The world's lightest packers they essentiall brought vodka, a sleeping bag and a tent for the three of them. Luckily their other friends had brought along food, ice, chairs, a shadecloth and other essentials. The three of them spent the next day in a blur of mosh pits, alcohol and passing out on the grass. A got into several mosh pit fights, giving two guys bloody noses while receiving a large gash on her neck and also managed to get sunburnt everywhere. After sculling half a bottle of vodka on NYE on an empty stomach she passed out in another not-so-happy camper's paddling pool. J punched out a guy who tried to feel her up during an electro pop song. She then got high and started climing up on people's cars and trucks, dancing and screaming wildly. J and A played a game to see how many of other people's tents they could destroy, a game M did not want to be involved in. Instead she spen most of the time at the beach or sitting in the sun to quietly enjoy the music with a beer. G was also at the music festival, and got into a screaming match with J after she thought J was hitting on her boyfriend. J told her the boyfriend was ugly as a horse and she'd never go that.

Like H, L has all but disappeared. Whenever anyone tries to invite her anywhere lately it seems she is too busy. There are plenty of suspicians as to why, but none solid. Friendships these days seem to have been reduced to a 'happy christmas' text.

Here's hoping 2011 will be as exciting and fun as 2010, if without the friendship drama.