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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Monday, October 24, 2011

"She's got the looks that kill"

The nice weather in Melbourne only ever lasts a day. Today it's pissing down rain and we're sipping Earl Grey like the classy fuckers we are. Goes even better with chocolate chip mini-muffins baked by a newly domestic G.

At least yesterday was nice enough to head off to the beach and prepare our pre-summer tan. Let's be honest, tans are hot because they make you look healthy and fake tans make you look orange and that is not healthy. We'll probably all be getting chunks of skin cut out of our bodies in a few years but we try not to burn. The rest of the weekend was spent thrashing and moshing at numerous 'classic rock' gigs along with 'stoner sludge' opening acts. After that plenty of absinthe was spilled when we were trying to pour our own shots on the way to our favourite bars and clubs.

Naturally Wow showed up. J's one-time hook-up is now promoting at every vaguely rock or alternative club and was everywhere over the weekend trying to get people to complete some survey. A drunken A scrawled 'Carlton Draught' on one and continued her usual bitch persona to Wow by picking arguments and insulting his haircut and his plan to join the army. J of course was busy flirting with him and messing with him because that's what she does. They bumped into Druggie who commented that Wow was looking more and more obsessed with J every time she sees them. J just laughed. She's still hanging out and sleeping with Motley Crue although of course nothing is official. At least he is now willing to spend a bit of money on her rather than back when they were dating and J was buying all the drinks. Probably he feels guilty for basically ditching her for the ex and making her pay for him when they were going out. A and Druggie ended up leaving around 5am to sleep and head off to work by 10 while J and Wow were hanging out in the park with one of his bartender friends. At first J wanted to have sex with him but after remembering he was a shit kisser she had a massive park panic attack and threw herself into a cab yelling 'Step on it' and getting home as the sun was coming up.

M was supposed to come out but ended up staying home. J is pretty sure she was hanging out with E, but she (nor he) will admit it.