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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Monday, January 9, 2012

"Chemical Heart"

Footballer seems to have vanished, much to A's disappointment. After dropping his pants and suggesting they have sex several months ago, A hasn't seen him since. It's not exactly that she wants to have sex with him, but she liked the attention. That and she wants the inside info on who exactly is injured this year from his team so she can work on her fantasy football team. Yeah, A has a nerdy side. Who doesn't?

G swears she's seen footballer in their building and said hi and A can't work out how she hasn't even seem him on the stairs. He's clearly avoiding her and keeping an eye out for him is becoming A's silent obsession. At least G is getting a laugh out of it.

A was determined not to see dinner date this week, but after heading out for a night with J and M, she bumped into him and had to say hi. She quickly steered away from him but M soon vanished home and J was hooking up with a random bald dude (so not like her) in the corner and A was bored so she ended up going home with him. He offered to cook her french toast for breakfast in the morning, but despite A's (and all of our) love for french toast she made some excuse about having to work early and ran off.

J caught up with Motley Crue again. Yeah, he's kinda dumb and suburban and has no ambitions and blah blah blah. Whatever, she doesn't have to marry him. The important thing is that the sex is consistently good rather than trying your luck with one night stands and discovering the guy can't even manage to get a condom on. He did want to go out for lunch the following day and discuss his ex-girlfriend who has recently deleted him off facebook and gotten his best mate's little brother addicted to ice. J managed to survive it this time but she's not sure she can go through that again. Can't he just shut up?

Druggie seems to be going through more benders more often and J is getting increasingly worried about her and her quest to have a baby. J has always been a casual pot smoker and has occasionally experimented with other drugs but she isn't really a user. these days Druggie is turning her off anything harder than caffeine. J got a call over the weekend from Druggie's boyfriend begging J to help out because Druggie was blitzed out on ice and cutting herself and wouldn't listen to anything he said. J dragged her off to hospital but it was a very scary couple of hours. Afterwards J tried to talk to Druggie about cutting back but she wouldn't hear any of it and demanded J drop her off at her dealer's place. J is considering contacting Druggie's parents and younger sister to help out, but she doesn't want to be the dobber who goes running to mum and dad when there's trouble. But it isn't like her boyfriend is being particularly helpful...