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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Friday, January 6, 2012

"Hotel, motel, holiday inn"

E has left for overseas and M didn't shed a tear when he boarded the plane. She loves him and wants to be with him, but she's no longer sure their relationship can survive them living in different countries for 6 months. E has been acting possessive and jealous like he can't trust M to be faithful while he's gone, even making harsh comments about how they got together when M was still dating a co-worker which is extremely unfair as M was very careful and almost kind about the way she made the transition into a new relationship. But E needs the opportunity for his career, and M doesn't want to follow him. They didn't even spend NYE together before he left and E wasn't happy.

Meanwhile J has been hanging out with Bossman and Druggie and has started getting a little concerned about Druggie's behaviour. Druggie has always been her party pal and J doesn't judge her for the drugs and the fact that sometimes she doesn't bother showing up at work. But Druggie has admitted her and her slightly-psycho are trying to have a baby and J can't understand how Druggie can bring a child into the world when she's still a child herself. You can't be a mother and keep up the hard partying lifestyle of Druggie. But whenever J tries to have a serious conversation with her, Druggie just pours another drink.

Dinner date has been texting A at least once a day and keeps asking her out but A refuses to see him more than once a week. She needs her own time. And her time with V. And her time with friends. In fact A has very little time she is willing to share wither dinner date, but she likes it when he cooks her breakfast. The poor guy is acting increasingly like he wants to be her boyfriend but A appears to blind to his wishes, of she just doesn't care. He wanted her to attend his NYE party (and V wanted her to hang out at a club he was DJing at) but she ended up hanging out with J and a few other friends and watching C's annual striptease.

L nearly got trapped on an awkward double date for her New Year's. L's new best friend (to replace H) is an old family friend who has recently started dating a new guy. The friend suggested the three of them all hang out in a hotel room for the evening and her boyfriend ended up inviting one of his friends so it would be the four of them. L seemed naive about what would happen but J and A told her in no uncertain terms that that isn't how L would want to spend her New Year's Eve or in fact any night of the year. L finally gathered up the courage to tell her best friend she felt uncomfortable and they ended up going to the city to see fireworks instead. She did get ditched at midnight though so her best friend could get a midnight kiss and by the time she made it to A and J she'd missed the striptease.

Ah well, there's always next year.