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Saturday, March 31, 2012

"So fragile yet so devious"

It's the end of an era. Even if it wasn't that long of an era.

After E told M he wanted to go on a break while on a 6-month working trip overseas she decided to give him a little space. She certainly wasn't about to throw their relationship away because she loves him and he's one of her best friends and she truely felt they could last the distance. But a little space turned into a lot when he ignored her texts and emails. It wasn't like she was harrassing him. They'd gone from talking three times a day to a text every second day. After a week of nothing she managed to get him on the phone but he spoke to her for about three seconds and made excuses that he had to go.

M was pissed off. Break or not, she still wanted to talk to him. Following that conversation she noticed a whole heap of new photos on his facebook, a reoccurring blonde in all of them. He then changed his profile picture to the two of them. M doesn't like to think of herself as crazy and paranoid, but he is overseas and the girl was pretty. She send a long email asking who the girl was and demanding E actually start talking to her again. If nothing else, they're supposed to be friends. But there was no response.

M couldn't take it anymore. She can't be with someone who won't talk to her and won't tell her why. She finally got E on the phone and told him, fuck the break it was over now. If there's anything to be salvaged they can work it out when he gets back to Australia.

The only question now is what will happen to their friendship.