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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"You say you want a revolution, man, and I say that you're full of shit"

Is that it? Is it really over?

M and E have been doing long distance for a few months now, and it's all been smooth sailing. Of course, smooth sailing means it's still hard when the person you're in love with is thousand of kilometres away and they aren't always available when you really need to talk to them and well, they can't touch you. Even if it's just a hug you really need, they aren't there. But mostly, it's been okay. They've both been faithful, even though M spent 3 weeks with the quintessential singles girls in Thailand and had more than one opportunity to pull a guy that was, let's face it, far more good-looking than E. E has been faithful, even though he's in a new country and made a whole heap of new friends, including some decidedly skanky, under-dressed for the New Zealand weather girls. M and E have been good friends for years and their relationship has just made them even closer and they weren't going to let the distance ruin things. Besides, it was only 6 months.

But maybe 6 months is too long.

They've been skyping pretty much every second day but it's not abnormal for them to miss one so M didn't worry when E texted her and told her he couldn't talk to her the other day. But then today, over skype, E told M he thought they needed to go on a break.

Everyone who's ever watched Friends (or had any friends) knows that a break is really just a break-up. M was shocked. She hadn't seen this coming at all. She thought everything was going well with E, at least as well as expected. She demanded to know if there was another girl. E said no, that he just needed some time to think. Whatever that means.

M promptly called A and J, who showed up with black raspberry flavoured vodka and chocolate. Maybe M and E aren't the longest lasting couple we know, but they seemed solid. J tried to reassure M and told her that E was probably going through a rough patch being overseas and having a lot of things in his life change. She said as soon as E came home to Australia their relationship would go back to normal. The ever blunt A pointed out that no matter what was changing in E's life, if he really cared about M he wouldn't break up with her. Because, since when do break-ups make relationships stronger? J used a metaphor that a relationship were like a band, and sometimes they go on hiatus because they need a chance to experience things on their own but it doesn't mean they won't come back together and be amazing.
M is trying to remain positive. After all, she's known E forever. If he wanted to actually break-up, he'd just say it.