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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"They're made of lipstick, plastic and paint, a touch of sable in their eyes"

J decided to man up and have coffee with B. She's finally ready to admit to herself that she misses B even if her twin sister happens to be a raving lunatic. After bonding over conversations about Kasabian, The Vaccines and Falls Festival in general at L's party J got B's number and they met up during the week. J wasn't quite ready to get roaring drunk or have a long deep and meaningful by she figured it was worth a shot.

It occured to J how long it has been since she's really spoken to B. In the dying days of their friendship J just couldn't handle the way B pandered to K and followed her around. That was around the time B dropped out of uni and stopped working and her only friends were K's friends and she had nothing interesting to talk about ever and used to obsess about guys who didn't know her name and tried really hard to make people think she was cool even though it was obvious she didn't even think herself cool. But it seems B had finally gotten back to her old self, the one she before her messy break-up with R and before she fell into the depression that had her following K around. B has a new job, a new uni course and a new life.

It was a pleasent enough catch-up, although J still felt like she had to moniter everything she said. She knows it will all get back to K, and despite (or maybe because of) talking to K at L's party J doesn't trust K. It probably doesn't help that K told L it was J who threw up in her bed when it wasn't, or that K and L went drinking with B and K got so drunk she couldn't stand up. It was G who ended up finding K in the bathroom when she was having a night out with her own friends, and K started babbling lies to G about A and J. Yes, it's very high school, but that's very K. Still, J found herself summarising her life over the past year: Motley Crue, Wow, the married guy, her new tattoos, her new piercings, her new job where her boss thinks she's s drunk, her new dentistry degree. She steered clear of topics like Druggie and how she failed a lab class because her teacher caught her fucking a guy after hours.

Out of everyone (including L) B seems to be the one who is closest who H these days. It probably makes sense since B is the only one that ever got close to domestic happiness and that is the life H now leads. A and J can't face H because her life is their worst nightmare and even L struggles with it because she's ambitious and doesn't understand how H can be willing to throw it all away. The twins deal with it the best because they've always wanted family. Apparently T has been bossing her boyfriend around a lot and he's a real pushover which B thinks is a good thing. Maybe he's just the type who snaps. After all, he was wanted for murder. But that doesn't really explain why B and H are suddenly best friends. Truthfully though even B can't understand what's happened to H. Apparently she invited H and accidental date to the movies when she won free tickets, but was told they didn't go to the movies. If B wanted, she was welcome to join them at home to watch DVDs.
Yeah, when you're not even going out to the movies, something is very wrong.