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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

With the twins B and K off overseas L decided to catch-up with them at their going away drinks. She thought it would be a fun night out after exams. Yeah, she did eventually get an invite. She was wrong.

B and K, well K in particular really, spent most of the evening bitching about A and J. You might remember a recent post where J went out with B, only for B to get really drunk and have to be sent home in a taxi. The version of this story K told was blatantly untrue. Sadly for her, L had already heard the truth. K said to L that B had actually only had one drink that night before becoming seriously unsteady and feeling sick. She suggested that J may have slipped something in her drink. Oh yes, because J is a regular drink spiker. And she spikes the drinks of her friends. Just for fun. K then said that J left B on the street, and B only got home because some older guy felt bad for her and offered her a ride home. B was apparently covered in cuts and bruises although of course there wasn't a scratch on her now. Right, because it's so much safer and more believable that B got rescued by some weirdo. K then said she'd tried to catch up with A and A had stood her up. No such thing has ever happened. A long ago vowed to never speak to K again and, other than a terse smile and 'hello' hasn't since their falling out.

L felt a bit strange about the whole thing, but they are her friends so she decided to ignore it and hang out with their other mates, including one guy it turned out she knew from uni. A few beers (and a few too many drunk phone calls later) everyone decided to leave the pub and go dancing. Sadly, K had forgotten her id. She and B went home to pick it up and told L they'd meet her in the city. She got on the tram with the guy from uni and his girlfriend who were on their way home. About 15 minutes later, the uni guy got a text from K saying that they'd decided to stay home. L got nothing. Well, other than drunk and abandoned of course.

Pissed and pissed off she joined A and J who were chilling in a beer garden with a few other friends, including A's brother who declared the rest of them 'too old' to be there. He may have been right too.

L should stop forgiving and forgetting. Choosing who to trust doesn't seem to be one of her skills.