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Saturday, June 2, 2012

"I get talking like a teen"

J was trying really hard to be friends with B again.

Years ago, before this blog, before R, before all the shit that happened, J and B were practically best friends. I say 'practically' because A and J have been best friends since they were kids, but there was a time during the end of high school and the first year of uni that it seemed like J and B got along as well as and probably had more in common than A and J. They used to study for English literature for hours, reading ridiculous books and quoting them. They used to go to a lot of indie gigs and hang out with boys in skinny jeans and drink green tea back before it was cool. But that all changed and they've hardly hung out at all over the past year.

However, after being reunited at L's birthday they've gone out for coffee together several times and J is painfully aware how much she misses B. B was the only girl who'd ever have clubbing contests with her: like who could get the phone numbers of the most guys, or the most drinks, or the most kisses...J has missed that.

They've been getting along and having a lot of fun together so J thought they'd take their renewed friendship to the next level: going drinking together. They were doing pre-drinks at J's house and it quickly became obvious that B's alcohol tolerance has gone way down since she used to drink with J regularly. Probably no great surprise. J let her go though, figuring B would know her own limits best and would be able to take care of herself.

Almost as soon as they arrived at a club though, after having only 1 drink and dancing through two songs, it was clear that B was not okay. She had a glazed look in her eyes and her words were going past slurry. She assured J she was okay, but J wasn't taking any chances. She sent B home in a cab and ended up chatting to a bunch of band dudes about her new favourite band Matt Sonic & the High Times. She'd been with them about half an hour when she noticed B was calling her. Concerned, she answered. It wasn't B. It was her twin sister, the ever-psychotic K. K started screaming into the phone that J was a gutless bitch and she'd better never do that to B again. What, send her home when she was too wasted to take care of herself? K told J that she was an awful person and should never see B again and a bunch of other threatening comments. How exactly is it J's fault if B can't handle her alcohol? Everyone else can take care of themselves, why can't B? But it's never about logic with K. She loves any excuse to fly off the handle and go crazy at people, yelling and ranting and being generally abusive.

J suddenly remembers why she stopped being friends with B. Maybe B had her issues but that wasn't the issue. The issue was always the very toxic K. K is insane and cannot be trusted. She will start fights over nothing and over-react about everything. She will threaten you and scare you for no apparent reason. She will physically attack you in the street. She will bad mouth you to absolutely anyone she sees even if she doesn't know them. She's out of control.

And no matter how much J misses B, it will never be worth it if she has to deal with this kind of shit from K.