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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Fear is such a weak emotion that's why I despise it"

Piss off kinda-but-not-really-cute barista boy. Okay, so we show up for 2 double shot lattes every morning when we're in study mode and occasionally we'll pop into the cafe while we're dying our hair but whatever...don't judge.

It's been a dramatic week for G who got in a terrible car accident after getting hit by a bus. Yes, an actual bus. G is willing to accept fault because she did run a red light, but in her defence she was simply following the car in front of her and assumed the light was green. The first car of course was fine. G's car was a total write-off but she was lucky to escape with only bruising and cuts. She could've died. She was also lucky she managed to call her father shortly after the accident and he took care of all the other stuff for her. She only had to spend a day in hospital but it hasn't been much fun taking care of herself since, especially with her boyfriend overseas at the moment. A has been trying to cheer her up with chicken noodle soup but though G would never say it, it's probably doing more harm than good. A is not much of a cook.

Meanwhile A has a new drinking buddy she met through competitions at uni. Everyone thinks this other girl is exactly like her. She drinks like a fish, managed to break the button and zip on her suit skirt, has tattoos and coloured hair and swears at barristers. They've been hanging out quite a bit and get on like a house on fire. However when A told G about her G realised she absolutely hates this girl and thinks she's a raving lunatic. One of G's old friends (who used to be one of her best friends but they had a falling out when G criticised her boyfriend) is good mates with her and even did the speech at her 21st. Awkward, as they'd only known each other a few months at that point. Anyway G finds her rude and crazy. Apparently once when one of G's friends was on a really bad mushroom trip and trying to throw herself out the window (G drove her to hospital) this girl laughed it off and tried to lock her in a room with a TV. G will never forgive her for that.

Of course G has bigger concerns than A's choice of friends right now. Like the fact that she got hit by a bus.