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Monday, December 3, 2012

"Hurricane knew you would"

Oh P, how we have missed you and your gossip about the gay life. But Christmas is approaching, which means Christmas parties and randomly bumping into people you haven't seen in ages and inviting them out for a drink which always seems to involve getting ridiculously drunk and somehow losing your shirt. Or is that just us?

P entertained A and J with stories of how he has been on literally hundreds of dates this year with everyone from tradies to lawyers to freaks who think it's appropriate to bring their ecstasy addicted friends on dates because "I promised I'd buy her dinner". Not to mention the awkward conversation he had with his ex when telling him all his dating stories and then asking how he'd been. His ex had been on exactly one date since they broke up, over a year ago. All P had to say to that was "Um...Grindr?" But then, P has always been very popular in the gay scene.

Then there was the very public breakdown one of his mates had at a gay club after P made out with the guy (and possibly jerked him off on a the couch) he apparently liked, which resulted in P telling him that he was after everyone and hey if he got to call everyone no one else would ever get laid. His mate called him a drama queen and started posting nasty things on twitter. P got laid. And got to see everything in his mirror, which runs the entire length of his wall.

P also apparently has a new fuck buddy with a fast tongue who only ever texts him 2 things: "Come blow me" and "I'll be right over". J's response? "That is my dream man." P told her he was also seeing this bi guy who wanted to have a threesome and asked if she was interested. A was pissed off that he hadn't asked if she was interested but P plainly pointed out he knows A hates to share and wouldn't be interested. J said she'd think about it.

At least on this occasion, P didn't give any lectures on how a choc top isn't just something you get at the movies.