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Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Something ain't quite right, you got the devil on your side, standing to your right come on"

G has decided to still go on her South America trip despite her no-longer-ex-boyfriend not wanting her to. She invited him along, but he doesn't have the money. He is disappointed she is still going but says he understands. They are still back together. She is leaving in 2 weeks. A admitted she may have (may have?) overreacted about them getting back together, but their friendship is rocky at best. G is going to be away for almost 3 months, so A's little brother is going to be her housemate for the rest of the summer. G isn't sure whether she'll want to move back in after her and A's big fight. She is thinking about perhaps moving into a place with her boyfriend.

'the one' and his girlfriend officially broke up on facebook and he told J it was all over. J had a mild freakout that it was all her fault since they have been having issues over him hanging out with her and dancing with her at club. J, of course, wants nothing from him but his friendship, but 'the one' is still into her so you can see why his girlfriend (okay ex) is freaking out a bit. But really, if you can't trust your guy you shouldn't be together. He will always be tempted by someone. And that is apparently the conclusion she has come to. 'the one' seemed unusually down about the break-up so J took him out with a couple of his mates. Unfortunately 'the one' became emotionally drunk and crying and had to be taken home. His arsehole friend that J had sex with one time started acting like a prat and making comments about J's bra size. It was really not an enjoyable night for anyone.

L has apparently been hooking up with one of her and A's uni friends for the last month. A is pissed that L never mentioned it to her. L finally confessed to her after one of their mutual friends caught them together and asked A if she knew what was up. L doesn't want to label it and the word 'boyfriend' is freaking her out so she wants to keep it on the down low. Pity A can't keep a secret. Unless it's her secret. L is content with friends with benefits but relationships still scare her. Good to see the commitment phobia alive and well.

Meanwhile M is trying to figure out what to buy her father's married girlfriend for Christmas and Druggie is searching for a new therapist. You can't go wrong with scented hand cream...right?