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Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Every duck has his day"

Of course as soon as A decides to give up sex, the hottest guy on earth decides to show up at her workplace. Then again A should know better than to pursue anything at work, remember what happened last time she decided to hook up with a co-worker? To be fair, he disappeared into thin air so A didn't have to deal with any of the awkwardness but she did lose a friend and the funnest person she's ever worked with. But this new guy is so hot it's making A forget all the reasons why not. And not only is he hot he's completely flirtatious, a total smart arse (total A turn-on, see V), smart, talented and absolutely hilarious. Making work days fun again. But A has made the choice to go non-sexual (which fwi includes kissing) and so it's just friends for now.

Speaking of work and relationships, J and Bossman have decided to get matching tattoos. Well, perhaps tattoos is the wrong word. They've decided to get matching designs carved into their bodies with a scalpal. Basically it involves having large chunks of skin carved out of your body and the resulting scar being a 'cool design'. Apparently body carvings are the new tattoos. That is if you listen to the sorts of people who are into serious pain. Meaning J and Bossman obviously.

Then there's H and the accidental date. H has managed to avoide the dude she thought had a crush on her at work and all was going well until what was supposed to be a group trup to the movies. H was told everyone from work was going and thus she'd better bloody be there. Even though she was supposed to be going to a blink 182 themed night with A and J (these are the nights we all live for) off she went to the movies because, well, the guys she works with are pretty funny. Working in a sex shop brings out everyone's weirdo. Anyway when she got to the movies the guy who'd invited her was there...but no one else. Apparently 'no one else could make it'. So H suffered through an awkward movie date...and then dinner before making her excuses to run off. Only when she got home there was a new message on her voicemail saying 'So we're dating now right'. One guess who it was from...

Lucky L has secret admirer.