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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"What garlic is to food, insanity is to art."

Quality or quantity? Often it's the big question.

We're not exactly cheapskates, but nor do we have the best of everything. For one thing, it's just not cost effective. We're half-broke uni students remember? We're not the children of the rich and famous. We have to choose between what's worth the high price tag, and what's not.

When it comes to our alcohol supply, you'd think we'd be big spenders right? Well, occasionally. For parties and new cocktails and special occasion we'll splash out on Absolut or Grey Goose or the other more expensive brands. But for our every day siupply you'll see us hunting through the bargain bins. Home brand vodka, $2 bottles of wine and anything cheap we can get our hands on. Let's face it, after the 10th drink you're not that concerned how long the whiskey's been aged. So for shots and handbag drinks, it's always the cheap stuff.

Fashion is always a tricky question. There are some things that brands do best. Swimsuits, jeans and shoes are among the things we spend 90% of our clothes cash on. Sure you can buy $5 heels, but your feet are going to be damn sore at the end of the night. On the other hand, t-shirts and singlets are always being bought at chain stores from $2.

Nail polish and lip glosses should never be purchased for over $5 because quality wise, they're the same. Foundation and mascara though, that's where we break the bank.

And then there's garlic.

A couple of weeks ago we bought this pizza while out and about that was essentially tomato, cheese and garlic. Simple but so delicious. So, of course, we decided to make our own at home. It wasn't anywhere near as good and we couldn't work out why. Well, other than the fact that home-cooked meals are never quite as good, but this pizza welll, it wasn't good at all. In fact it was bad. It tasted like limp tomato and cheese. That's when we learnt an important lesson about garlic. From our grandmothers no less. Garlic is one of those things you can buy for so little money it's practically a steal. On the other hand, you can pay good money for what appears to be the exact same thing. It's not the same. Good garlic is fantastic. It brings so much flavour and scent to the dish, it brightens all the other flavours and just gives it that classy added touch. Bad garlic adds nothing. You can put a whole jar of cheap garlic in a dish and not be able to taste it. But you can taste the fresh zing of a single clove of fresh Australian garlic. Thanks to some good quality garlic, we're eating our simple yet delicious pizzas at home.

Thanks gran. We'll always remember that when it comes to garlic you want quality, not quantity.