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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Cause we like having fun at other people's expense and"

There's always someone trashing the pub/club bathrooms. That's usually us. Let's face it, when you're drunk and all the walls are covered in lame posters they are just asking to be torn down. But lately our behaviour is getting even worse.

A and J have always been a little obsessed with fire. Recently though it's been getting out of control. Every time they're in the toilets they joyfully light an entire roll of toilet paper with a lighter just to watch it burn. And boy does it burn. So far they've always managed to put the fire out without the whole room going up in flames but is it just a matter of time? Last week when they got home they realised their stockings were full of holes...burnt when they were stamping out their latest fire. A few times they've also thrown their freshly made balls of fire under (or over) other cubicle walls...just to hear the screams.

Speaking of bathroom trouble, H and L disappeared last week for about 10 minutes in the bathroom. No one could find them and went on a bit of a search. Peering into the bathroom revealed that two of the walls had fallen down, creating a domino affect where every toilet wall in the bathroom has collapsed. H and L were laughing manically in the corner although, of course, denied it was there doing. If you hunted through H's handbag the next morning though you would have found a few loose screws...

B's always had fun stealing things. Usually though it's small things. A few CDs, a hat here and there, witch's hats (as in traffic cones), the odd soap dispenser...well C's been giving her a run for her money with his antics. A recent visit to his house revealed just how much stuff C has knocked off. Two huge boxes stuffed with toilet paper, several cocktail shakers, bar stools, leather jackets, a mirror, a tap, a table and a range of other stuff. Soon C will be able to set up hiw own bar.