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Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Singing in the rain"

There's nothing quite like running up and down the cobbled streets of Melbourne in your high heels when it's raining as heavily as you've ever seen it and there's water gushing down the roads like it's a river and you don't have an umbrella.

Even better when you're supposed to be on your way to a date.

Then, thanks to the public transport meltdown (Melbourne cannot handle weather above 30 or below 10, even though it frequently gets there) the date can't actually meet you and so texts you a new place to go. You're halfway to the new place when you get another text message mentioning another restaurant because apparently something was wrong with the last one. And your date is still running late. And you have no idea where you're going because the texted directions didn't make any sense.

What's with all the stupid texts? Why doesn't he just call? Oh yeah, you have phone phobia.

Welcome to the life of J and science geek. She's never seeing him again.