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Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Tell me would you kill, to prove you're right"

Bossman has been basically ignoring J for weeks now, which is why there hasn't been much news on him. After he returned following his spell in hospital with a kidney infection he started making sure he and J don't have many shifts together and cancelling all their plans outside work. He's just celebrated his birthday and seems to have aged a decade. All he talks about now is being more mature and tut-tutting stories involving sex, drugs and rocknroll. This coming from the guy who once played in a band, has done everything that can be smoked or injected and had a mistress who used to whip him in a basement. J would much rather hang out with Ronald McDonald. She doesn't even care if Bossman quits his job to work somewhere more 'grown-up'. Maybe for the nude model agency he applied for.

She's also fighting with B and K. The twins suffered a mild family tragedy when their father was involved in a car accident a couple of weeks ago. He's okay but suffered a few broken bones. Everyone was pretty considerate and J asked B if she wanted to sell the ticket to the music festival they were supposed to be going to. B said no, that it would be fine. Then the day before the festival B told J that she wouldn't be able to go because her dad was having an operation. J was sympathetic...until she bumped into T. J saw B and K's older sister T at the supermarket and told her she was sorry about her dad. T told J he was fine and that there was no operation. J couldn't believe it. Yeah B lies, but using her sick dad as an excuse was way past awful. Pissed off she then told B she was taking Ronald McDonald instead. B didn't reply her text but several hours later K rang her to demand she give them the ticket so they could sell it. At this point it was about 10 hours until the beginning of the festival. J hung up on K and is refusing to talk to either of them. Apparently there's some party of one of K's friends and the twins and gym junkie are going.

J and Ronald McDonald are becoming closer though and she caught up with P the other night. She thought P would be enjoying the single life but he's a bit depressed after breaking up with his boyfriend. Instead of drinking they went out for dinner. Apparently these days all P drinks is tea. J's a bit worried about him and is determined to fix him up with someone new. She's thinking A's friend from work who wears girls clothes would be a good match, if she can convince him to go out with someone over twenty.

Meanwhile A has quit her old job and got a new one, as has Hottie. They both claim it has nothing to do with the awkwardness of him being engaged. A part of A still wants to be friends with Hottie because he's just generally a fun person but she's worried it could be awkward. Maybe if you didn't make out with engaged people you wouldn't have a problem...

Oh, and L's back with secret admirer.