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Saturday, February 26, 2011

"They're 15 years old and pregnant. What should they look forward to - the next season of 'Teen Mom?'"

Sometimes you can have the best week ever and the worst week ever...in the same week.

J is having an awesome time with the guy she had a one-night-stand with in the park. Well I say 'the guy' but there's been a few. The most recent one. Let's call him Motley Crue because he has Tommy Lee hair and a good taste in music. Okay so he's a suburban guy and he's getting dangerously close to marrying age (which seems to be around 24 these days, at least with the surburban types, us city folk don't really consider marriage an option til our 3os) but he hasn't called J his girlfriend yet, he's fun and he likes sex in public places. And he thinks A's ranting and arguing and rambling is amusing rather than annoying. He's even helping J get over her phone phobia since he likes to call and now J has to pick up because her SIM card's fucked and she can't send text messages. They've spent an entire weekend together, hanging out in pubs and at the beach and in bed...uh, parks. She's even met his brother but no way is he getting an introduction to her parents even though he's been hinting. So J may not have a boyfriend exactly but this is the best time she's ever had with a guy and she still isn't sick of him after nearly 3 weeks!

Unfortunately the week hasn't been all good for J. She had her bag stolen while she was out for lunch with K and B, and a total of $600 was in that bag when you add up the cost of her ipod, phone etc. Further proof nothing good happens when the troublesome twins are involved? Nah, they've been fun lately. Well B still seems like K's puppet on a string but K has been fun lately, thus so has B. They even feel a bit sorry for J losing her handbag and have stopped debt-collecting her for at least a little while. K, B, J, A and T all went out for a night last week with a few other random mutual friends including G and her boyfriend and managed to have a good time. A few stolen stolen posters, a few stolen kisses...although B wasn't happy when J suggested the guy she'd just made out with looked like John Travolta.

It later turned out the work key had been in J's bag when it was stolen and she tried to call Bossman to let him know but he was out of the state. Somehow the big boss found out and started abusing J about losing her bag to which J yelled that it was stolen not lost and the two got in a huge argument resulting in J being on 'work probation'. On the plus side Bossman stood up for her and the pair are almost friends again. Only problem is now that J has a 'boyfriend' Bossman thinks it's okay to flirt with her constantly again. Oh well. At least they are getting along.