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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Hey, hey, I'm gonna ride insane"

It's hard to tell whether J is the bad influence on Motley Crue, or whether he's a bad influence on her. In the middle of the week (it being the first week of uni, but so what?) they decided to have a 'date' in the park, consisting of the two of them splitting a few bottles of wine and having sex on the playground. Then as a laugh they started climbing over this huge fence. Being drunk, J managed to get herself stuck but Motley Crue didn't appear to notice and tried to push her up. A large piece of rusted metal ended up in J's stomach and her large intestine started leaking out. They spen the rest of their night in the hospital waiting room for 6 hours. J had to get five stiches and was told to do no strenuous exercise. "What about a rock concert?" Motley Crue asked. Apparently that was fine. Apparently the doctor had never been to a rock concert.

The truth is, no matter what the doctor said, J would have been at the concert. She's in love with Queens of the Stone Age. She's in love with Josh Homme. Well, who wouldn't love a guy who has a bottle of vodka set up beside his mic and has written a song with lyrics consisting of 7 words, all of which are drugs? The point being J could hav been in a wheelchair, nothing was stopping her.

J and A saw them twice in two days. Along with several other metal and punk rock bands. It was a brutal mosh pit, and the two of them are brutal. A was punched in the face and got a blood nose. The guy that gave it to her received two black eyes for his efforts. Girls of all ages and sizes were getting dragged out of the crowd. J ripped her stickes and had fluid leaking down her legs but didn't stop jumping for a second. Today they are both covered in bruises and cannot raise their arms above their heads. J is going on a drinking/clubbing double date with Motley Crue and Bossman and his girlfriend. A is going ice-skating with new work friends. And thought a few shots beforehand were a good idea.

B and K are going the more traditional first-week-back-at-uni plan. They've both fallen ill, as often seems to happen at the beginning of the semester. They'll spend the weekend drinking tea with honey and doing their readings. Well, it will all pay off come exam time.

It was L's birthday party. B, K, A and J didn't attend. Neither did H, although she didn't get an invite since no one knows how to contact her. Perhaps it was just L and secret admirer? They were cute together before, now they are just nauseating.