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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"What is Chandler Bing's job?"

K is starting to get worried about L. She never sees her old friend anymore and is starting to suspect their friendship may follow the same path as her friendship with H, which is non-existant currently. Ever since she first hooked up with secret admirer L has been more distant. It was understandable after they first hooked up because naturally she wanted to spend time with her new guy. But then she slowly started to withdraw herself from our lives. At one point she made the decision to throw herself into her schoolwork completely, breaking up with secret admirer and quitting all her jobs and extracurriculars. The only person she was seeing socially was an old family friend from primary school. Over the holidays we didn't see much of her at all, and she didn't appear to be doing much else. She was single and unemployed, but every time K or someone else suggested plans she rejected them because she was busy. We pretty much got used to not seeing her. Gettine back to uni, L informed A she had recently gotten back together with secret admirer which A was enthusiastic about and suggested we all catch up. L seemed uninterested. When K heard this she started emailing L and telling her how disappointed she was in the friendship and how sad it was that they could have gotten to the point where L wasn't telling her when she got back together with her old boyfriend. The issues continued when J somehow missed an invite to L's birthday and no one then showed up. Rumour has it the birthday consisted of secret admirer, the old family friend and one random friend from high school. The truth is it's like L has faded from her life, we don't feel we know her at all really. K's attempts to contact her don't seem to be going well at all. A is barely even speaking to her when they share a class. It's hard to know what to say to her.

B suspects L no longer wants to hang out with us because we drink too much and L is worried that's going to affect her academically. But it's not like all we do are alcohol related activities. M reminded us that she doesn't drink all that much and prefers going out to dinners or musicals but she hasn't heard from L either. Not to mention A and J have always got better marks than L no matter waht they're doing on weekends. But perhaps K has the best argument against this: if it was true, how could L not have mentioned it? If she's truely worried about our drinking habits by cutting off without talking about it doesn't that just make her a terrible friend? Possibly even a terrible person?

J thinks the main reason is because L has a boyfriend. Which doesn't make all that much sense since L was making a real effort to juggle all of us when she first started seeing secret admirer and it was when they broke up that she seemed to become MIA.

K thinks L is is depressed about H. She also thought she may be having second thoughts about breaking up with secret admirer but that seems less relevant now that they are back together.

It is hard to believe L would throw us all away for no apparent reason. Who was she hanging out with all summer. Further than that, what was she doing all summer? It wasn't secret admirer, they only got back together just in time for the new semester. Like with H it is impossible to figure out exactly what is going on.