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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Friday, March 11, 2011

"Hey Miss Murder can I, make beauty stay if I, take my life?"

Living on campus is a beautiful thing.

Being uni students, we've long since been aware that the campus kids are all a bunch of alcoholics who seem to be having the time of their lives. Being city slickers, we've never actually known any of the 'college kids' as they're dubbed because they tend to hang around in their own little clubs shunning the rest of us (there's a few entertaining stories about both J and C and the college kids in the first year but that's a story for another time).

Until now.

With L going MIA, A has had to find a few new uni buddies to hang around with. Luckily her Dumbass cousin (okay that's a bit cruel, he's actually a very fun guy just not the brightest tool in the shed) has moved from Brisbane to a college on campus and she's pretending to be a college kid to participate in their drinking games and make new friends. And the free food of course. It's not for the faint-of-heart this college kid stuff.

One of the common activities seems to be puking contests. Last night's involved the participants (A and Dumbass first in) downing 4 litres of milk. The first to finish one. Well I don't know what the exact capactiy of the human stomach is but it appears to be less than 4 litres. Plus, it's milk. Stuff designed to make even the lactose-very-tolerant ill if drunk in large quantities. Not to mention the added food dye, just for laughs. Apparently Dumbass loves a good spew and really enjoyed himself, finishing a solid second. A is not so much a vomit lover. Known for a stomach of steal she rarely throws up despite her tendancy to drink entire bottles of burbon and follow it up with 2 large Maccas meals. She struggled. Winning after the first 2 litres of milk, it was the throwing up and then keep drinking part that got her. Afterwoods several girls went 'mud-wrestling' in the vomit. A slept on Dumbass's floor.

College kids do have wild parties though. J joined A and her new college friends for a rubix cube party where everyone swaps clothes to acheive certain colours. Dumbass squeezed into some chick's tiny red singlet while A happilt put on guys' clothes. She tried to keep J and Dumbass seperate knowing the trouble those two would cause if together. Of course as J pointed out she has a boyfriend now, Motley Crue. That most likely wouldn't stop her though. Luckily Dumbass had his eye on a hot French girl and only wanted J for her interpreting skills. A was busy in a cask wine skulling contest and going swimming in the uni moat- which is about 3 feet deep. A and J spent the night on Dumbass. Easy mac-and-cheese for breakfast. A is never coming home.

K is desperate for an invitation to a college kid party. A isn't so sure it would work out. Dumbass is as easy going as hell and has a tendancy to steal the underwear of high-strung girls and fly them from a flagpole. The two may eat each other up and spit them out.