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Monday, March 21, 2011

"Nobody likes you when you're 23, and are still more amused by prank phone calls"

The past weekend was A's birthday and it was giant night, suiting A's personality and party vibe. The only rule: if you're not drunk, don't bother to show up. Those who didn't show up included L, H, S and Hottie.

K and B started the night at work with gym junkie but were quick to start on the champagne while serving customers. Sneaky shots in between handing out pizzas is always a good plan. They rocked up a little late which meant they had to wait in line, but K managed to talk her way in without waiting...B flashing a little extra flesh may also have helped. Soon enough they were crazy dancing although it took them a good hour before they spotted A despite her bright blue hair which has become her calling card. Halfway through the night B thought she spotted one-night-stand and went to make out with him but it turned out it wasn't him and his girlfriend started a massive screaming fit with B. K alerted the bouncers and managed to get the girlfriend kicked out. B spent the rest of the night with the guy, but opted for maccas rather than going back to his house.

C had a twenty-first to go to before A's, but of course put in an appearence. He got incredibly drunk playing drinking games at his first party and is not entirely sure how he got to A's. He knows he was on a tram at one point and that he stopped for pizza (because he found some of it on his shirt the following morning) but other than that isn't sure how he managed to convince someone to let him in. He found a girl with blue hair who he assumed to be A and was chatting (well yelling random comments) and dancing with her only to be approached by the real A later who was like 'who is this bitch who has stolen my hair colour and my friend?' C quickly backtracked and the two of them were dancing on stage with one of the DJs until C though stagediving would be fun and managed to get himself kicked out. He woke up in a gutter the next morning not entirely sure what happened but is pretty sure he's pieced most of his night together from subsequent phone conversations.

J decided to invite Motley Crue along, and then wondered why. She's always been a single girl at heart and having a boyfriend cramps her flirty style. Luckily for her Motley didn't show up until late because he had a concert to go to. A concert where he got a huge gash just above his eye so that when he did arrive J had to spend the rest of the night wiping it carefully with a tissue. She was not too impressed with this although at least she had someone to join for a smoke.

Dumbass came along with a group of his friends (some from campus living, some not) but no one saw much of them. They did a few shots with A and then a few of them got involved in a huge punch-on in the middle of the room...

G came along with her boyfriend and a few others. One of her red-headed friends hooked up with another red-head and started to panic and began running around screaming because it is her one life rule not to hook up with another red-head so as to prevent ranga babies. G got pissed off when her boyfriend started dirty dancing with another girl and they got into a big screaming match. He decided to leave early with another of G's friends. Dumbass thought this meant G's boyfriend had actually gone home with another girl and got really upset on G's behalf and threatened to punch the guy up. G's boyfriend is kind of wimpy. There was no actual fight but G and Dumbass did make out and now G feels really guilty about it and isn't sure whether to tell her boyfriend or not.

M put in a late appearence after going skydiving that morning but despite drinking an entire bottle of wine beforehand didn't seem that drunk. She had fun dancing with a few random people but didn't get up to any antics much to A's general dissapointment.

A herself got in a fight with one of the bouncers after throwing a beer glass across the floor (she'd previously skulled it in about 10 seconds) and said 'i'll be throwing you across the floor in a minute'. Luckily for everyone though she soon got distracted meeting her friends and encouraging them to drink up. She started a mosh pit in the middle of the room. With the help of a random guy they soon managed to have everyone running in circles and slamming into each other. She was then dancing on a pool table and threatening to choke the other blue-haired girl with her own hair.

Several of A's friends from uni and work showed up but they all seemed a little scared and headed home before the night was over. Some people just can't handle A's birthday. The next morning A found herself throwing up in the shower before heading off to work. J had to sneak Motley Crue out of her bed and her neighbourhood. Luckily he brought a bike.