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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"He likes vampires and hit list radio"

J and Motley Crue may be over as quickly as they began. Maybe that's what happens when you meet your boyfriend in a park. Friday night Motley was having a little birthday drinks celebration and J was a bit nervous because his parents and ex were going to be there but she figured what the hell. That's what girlfriends do right? Well, maybe. Then she got a call just as she was about to leave from Motley saying the birthday was off because he was tired from work. At that point J was more confused than pissed off. I mean who bails on their own birthday party? It's really quite bizzare.

She hasn't heard from him since this call. She called him the next day. No response. He was supposed to go to M's party. He didn't show up. She sent him a couple of text messages. No reply.

What the fuck?

We've all experienced the waiting-by-the-phone-for-that-wanker-guy-who-said-he'd-call-and-never-actually-did feeling. Well, perhaps not waiting by the phone (at least not in the last 5 years) but you know, the disappointment when you never get that text. K has perhaps felt it more than the rest of us, but that could be because she's overly eager to hand her phone number out to just anyone. We've also probably been responsibile for the same feeling being felt by several guys who we've never called or texted back. Well, A certainly has been.

But this is different. J and Motley have been spending their weekends together (every weekend which is a huge deal for J) for the past two months. They've been speaking at least every second day, sometimes every day. They've been getting along and having fun and having great sex. There was no fight or even a suggestion that anything was wrong. Motlet Crue was even making comments about the future, telling her her dad will get to like him in due time. Now this. Now he's disappeared.

J is not the possessive type. K would call his home phone, or show up on his doorstep (despite the over-an-hour train trip), or his workplace and harrass him about answering her calls. That is not who J is. Sure she likes the chase, when it's making eyes at a guy across the dancefloor and convincing him to buy her a drink, but she doesn't like chasing guys around Melbourne under any circumstances.

So is this it?

Motley Crue did not seem like this kind of guy. He seemed fun. He played guitar, smoked pot, liked drinking and good music. Plus, he seemed reliable and always showed up when he said he would. So why has he disappeared? Did he just get bored? He could have just told J, she wouldn't really have cared. Yeah J has liked him more than any other guy and hasn't even kissed anyone else since they hooked up but she's not that overdramatic. It's only been 2 months. All she wants is an explanation. She just doesn't like feeling this confused or frustrated.

Is it just a typical guy thing to break up by ignoring? We may never find out. The sad thing is, thanks to the experiences of the past year (ahem H...ahem L) we're kind of used to people disppearing into the blue.

You just can't really trust anyone.