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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"I'm sorry I called you a gap-toothed bitch. It's not your fault you're so gap-toothed."

The drama just never stops with K does it? M has been organising a huge party for her 25th birthday for months and has been really excited about it. She's changed the date several times to make sure it suited everyone. Now, with only a week to go K has announced she and B won't be able to attend because it 'costs too much money'. M is basically organising and paying for the entire thing, drinks included. K's excuse is she can't afford the taxi fee. Between her and B it would be about five dollars each. B naturally hasn't mentioned a word about it.

A, being A, decided to confront K about it. She was particularly annoyed because K has been messaging her a lot lately asking why they never hang out and making A feel guilty for being super busy with work and all her uni extracurriculars. It had also come shortly after K had bailed on dinner with A and M. A essentially accused K of being a hipocrite by always complaining that no one makes time for her when it was really her that wasn't putting in any effort. K became aggressive and defensive and started saying A was a shit friend and so was J. She said J had told her she hated her family and really upset her. J was quit surprised to hear about this as she hasn't seen K in weeks and is sure she never said such a thing as it isn't true. She then said A should be more sensitive because she is having family problems and both her parents are sick. Is it cruel not to feel sympathetic? After finding out she'd lied about her dad having an operation to get money out of J, it's hard to take her seriously. And while you feel bad when your friend is having problems, K has a tendency to throw her problems in your face in an accusatory way as if they are a weapon. A refused to let K's comments make her feel bad when she thought she was perfectly entitled to bring it up. K ended it by stalking off and telling A to have a nice life. A then left her a voicemail telling K that the fact that she ends every fight by cutting the person off (ie deleting them off facebook) and is always over-dramatising everything and is the whole problem.

An hour later J was surprised to receive a text from K saying 'have a nice life. im telling your parents about your boyfriend and new tattoo'. J didn't quite understand the threat as her parents know about both her boyfriend and the latest addition to her bodyart. The abusive messages kept coming however. J finally ended it by calling K a manipulative psycho to fuck the hell off. She later flound out about A and K's fight but couldn't understand why K had dragged her into it.

Well, guess the twins won't be coming to M's party.