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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Liar Liar"

What we love: cute bartenders who make us up cocktails on the spot with whatever ingrediants we choose (this week gin, passionfruit and lemon juice, yum!).
What we hate: liars and the lying liars that tell them.

Like that's news.

A couple of days ago J, A M and another one of M's friends who they've been hanging out with since M's birthday where they all hit it off decided to go out for dinner. All fine and good right? Well that is until it turned out L, K and H were all also having dinner at the same place. Rather odd that B wasn't there. You don't so often see K without her sidekick these days. Perhaps she was sick. Perhaps K is a sicko and B is sick of it.

Just in case you don't read this blog on a regular basis (so, all of you) H disappeared from the face of the earth about 6 months ago when she started dating one of her co-workers accidental date. She stopped answering her phone, deleted her facebook, moved house and quit her job. L and K have sworn they hadn't seen her since. A, J and M certainly haven't seen her although H and M weren't all that close. L has been MIA a bit ever since H pulled her disappearing act as well, being practically uncontactable for the majority of the summer even though she had no job, no study and no boyfriend. K started a big fight with A and J a few weeks ago and now they aren't talking. She hasn't seen M in awhile but bailed on her birthday for 'family' and 'financial reasons' even though she went out with other friends the night before.

Clearly, someone's been lying.

A and J were too stunned to talk so they quickly exited the place and had Vietnamese instead. The dinner was mostly spent discussing what on earth was going on. Had L and K (and thus B) been seeing H behind A and J's back? They'd both point-blank said they hadn't seen her in the last six months. What was going on? Poor M's friend. She really had no idea what they were talking about.

J and M decided it should be left to A to confront either L or K about it, because she's the best at confrontations. It's funny because back in the day, it would have been H who was voted to take on the twins if need be. Funny how things change. A had to go to a party for one of her and L's mutual (uni) friends anyway so after a few glasses of champagne decided it would be a good time to launch an attack.

She demanded to know why L has been ignoring her and J over the past summer and since then, what exactly she is doing on the twins' side of the fight (because no one is ever on the twins side in a fight...except for the twins themselves and possibly T and R back in the day) and just how often she's been seeing H- and why she neglected to tell her that she had in fact seen her. Turns out L has been seeing H a fair bit for the last few months now, and there was several dinners between L, H and the twins. 'Several' meaning not that many but enough that K or B were not telling the truth when they said they hadn't seen H or in fact L. L's reasons for why she's been ignoring A and J include: they are out of control (with drink, drugs and sex); she doesn't want to have to sacrifice her friendship with H and she feels it's uncomfortable being friends with all of them since J and A are angry with H; she feels they don't like her boyfriend secret admirer; she thinks they are pissed off at her.

A's response? How would L even know whether they were 'out of control'? She hasn't been hanging out with them! A doesn't do drugs and doesn't even have sex lately. J is in a committed relationship (although monogamy is questionable but she hasn't slept with anyone else yet) and has cut back on her smoking. Apparently K has been spreading rumours about J and A (but particularly J)'s behaviour- most of what she's saying has been false. And this isn't even since the recent fight but beforehand when everything seemed to be okay. B must have been in on it as well. A then there's the whole thing with H. While J and A were pissed off at first (as was L!) they are long since over that and have been trying (but failing) to contact her for ages. They've never been anything but polite to secret admirer (as opposed to H) and have never been really pissed off. At least not that a returned phone call wouldn't fix.

Is it all K? Has she been poisoning the well so to speak? Is she really that fucked up? Well K is kind of a lunatice and it's believable enough that she'd try to play both sides even if there's no apparent motive.

But who would believe her? Anyone she could reasonably influence knows she's a lunatic. A and J haven't been buying her stories. The only reason L would is if that's what she thought in the first place. Or maybe it has nothing to do with K. Maybe it's just a bunch of excuses and L's too gutless to tell the truth and blaming things on the psycho is an easy way out.

Either way, who judges your best friends like that?

Only someone who was never a best friend to begin with.