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Monday, April 25, 2011

"Objection, your honour. You can't preface your second point with 'first of all'"

Do people seriously care about the royal wedding? I mean REALLY? None of the girls (or guys) we know could care less about who's designing the dress or whatever everyone is pretending to be interested in. The only thing vaguely interesting is the drinking game suggestions floating around facebook. And even still, no amount of drinking is going to make The Wedding fun. Yawn.

The Wedding may be more fun than the birthday party J and A attended the other night. It was a family friend of J's and she insisted A come along because otherwise she'd be bored. A couldn't understand why she didn't take Motley Crue instead. Yes, they're back together. 'Back' meaning they spent a week apart without talking (and without Motley answeringJ's calls) but now they're back on and having a good time again. J's not the type of girl who worries too much about something like her boyfriend going MIA for a week or two. Still, she decided it would be more fun with A. It would have been a total snoozefest without her.

Everyone else was standing around looking classy and drinking their expensive red wine while listenign to classical music. It was a family friend, right? Not a friend J had actually chosen. A nice girl but we tend not to associate that much with nice girls. A showed up, dressed in the shortest dress in the place, drunk, loud and obnoxious. She convinced the DJ to start blasting The Sex Pistols, spotted her mate G (apparently the friend is a friend of her boyfriend) and did several shots, ate seven cupcakes and made out with J's cousin during the speeches. J got herself a bottle rather than a glass or red, snuck out the back to smoke dope with another cousin and took to the dancefloor with some of the dirtiest moves since the latest Step Up movie. As the party fizzled out, A, J and G (and a few other hangers-on) headed out to a favourite club for dancing and beer. P was there so J joined him for smokes and gossip (bitching about the long-time-no-see S).

The followinf day A, J, P and M caught up for coffee and french toast to interogate A over whether she'd broken her no-sex vow with J's cousin. Turns out no. Lucky, or J may take it as an invitation to sleep with Dumbass.