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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"The ending is just the beginning repeating"

Sometimes the only way you can figure out what you want is by failing something. Being successful can be good, but not at the cost of your happiness. At the end of the day life should be about following your passions and doing what you want to do and not what people tell you you should do.

When we were younger we all thought being successful and #winning was what would make us happy. As we grow older we realise this is less and less true and we just want to have fun and let life take us where we're supposed to end up. It's about the journey and not the destination.

L recently lost her brand new job. She thought she was going to be great at it and things were starting off well. That is until a lying cow decided to get rid of L by blaming her own mistakes on L. Ouch. It's the first time L has ever failed at anything in her life and it's starting to make her revaluate everything. She's been completely focussed on doing well at uni and working towards her future for the last year or so and now that this has happened she's starting to see all the things she's thrown to the side and is starting to see that it isn't worth it after all. She's lost most of her friends and gave up the only chance at a real relationship she's ever had (secret admirer) and all the things she's been doing suddenly seem a waste. She's decided that the only way to get out of her study rut is to defer from uni for the next semester. She isn't sure what she's going to do exactly- perhaps work some shitty dead-end job, perhaps travel, perhaps something else entirely. It's the Eat Pray Love life selfishly theory. It's the sort of thing everyone has to do once in their life. There's no point dragging your feet and trudging through life until you wake up one day and you've missed it all. L needs a break to figure out who she is and what she wants.

J is starting to realise her relationship with Motley Crue is really more of a relationshit. He's holding her back from doing the things she should be able to do and is trying (although probably subconciously) to turn her into the sort of person that she hopes to hell she never will be. The two of them have fun drinking together and having sex and just hanging out, chilling with each other's family and friends and being together but J just doesn't think it's going to work out. For one thing Motley has no interest in moving into the city on even moving out of home despite the fact that he is employed full-time. He also has no motivation to go any further career-wise. That doesn't bother J for now but she doesn't see a future in it and can't understand why she would be monogomous for a guy she doesn't see being with her long-term. She likes Motley as a person and wouldn't mind continuing to sleep with him in a typical friends-with-benefits arrangment. She just sees herself as superior although she hates how snobby that makes her feel. J finished hgih school. Motely didn't. J's parents, while not rich, aren't in the lowest tax bracket and are fairly settled in their finances enough so that her father is retired and her mother works part-time just because she wants to. Motley's family are low-income earners and both have to keep working to support his family. J want to finish uni and have a professional career and live in a good suburb. Motley is happy with his current job that he dropped out of school for and can't see himself moving city-side.

A has been celibate for almost a year now and it's starting to get to her. That and she hasn't been a very good non-sexual. It isn't making her feel like a better or smarter person the way she thought it would. She isn't exactly ready to throw caution to the wind just yet, but after failing an exam (and the subject) she's starting to think maybe it's time she took some time off university and focused on other things. She just wants a change and a chance to express some of her creative tendencies (yes she has them) rather than boring her way through classes she doesn't care about and therefore doesn't attend.

Yeah, change can be a good thing.