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Monday, June 27, 2011

"Well excuse me if we haven't resorted ourselves to the gallows just yet"

It feels like it's been ages since anyone caught up with E. M, in particular, felt bad about it because they used to be such good friends but she basically hadn't seem him in 6 months. Probably she was too busy hanging out with her new skydiving buddies. But she refuses to ditch old friends for new friends and gave him a call to catch up, suggesting drinks with A and J. E was vague and they ended up organising a coffee date, forgoing drinks.

The coffee date was strained to say the least and left M feeling sour and guilty. She'd been so busy and couldn't help but blame herself for the drift in their friendship and she was feeling bad about it despite her apologies. However after talking about it with J she realised that the demise of their close friendship couldn't entirely be her fault. We've all been drifting a bit from E for a variety of reasons. It was always hard because of his history with K but as he was also closest with H when we stopped seeing her as much we suddenly didn't see him as often either. But if M was going to put in effort to fix things why was it so awkward? They'd gone time without seeing each other when they were busy before but it had never been awkward.

She tried to arrange another meeting with him and E admitted that he has a new girlfriend and the new girlfriend doesn't really like him socialising with other girls. M should have been more surprised about this but it has become a fixture of our lives now that people couple up and then disappear. It seems people are no longer content with their old 'single' lives when they couple up and have to cut off all their old friends. Like H. However E hasn't cut off any of his male friends. He sees them a little less but he still sees them and it's normal. Evidently the girlfriend just feels threatened by other female pals. It pisses M off because she and E have been friends a long time and she's never had those sort of feelings for him. She wants him to be happy and she wants him to have a great relationship but why does this mean she becomes garbage?

M suggested she, E and the girlfriend all meet up together so she can see how not into E M is and hopefully be more understanding of his friendship's with members of the opposite sex. E seemed a little funny about it but agreed to the three meeting them for lunch. His new girlfriend? Gorgeous. A definite 10 while E is...well, E is alright. M was surprised. How could this girl feel threatened from anyone? How could she think E was going to leave her for someone else? Seemed crazy. When E went to the toilet M tried to tell her all this and explain that firstly, she wasn't after E and secondly, well when E had someone like her he wouldn't want anyone else. Sadly the girlfriend took offence to these remarks, thinking M was suggesting E wasn't such a great catch and bagging out her boyfriend. M just couldn't win.

Once someone is in a relationship do their friendships always have to change such completely?Why is that?